Personal Injury Leads

Whether you are looking to start a new personal injury firm or to augment an existing practice, purchasing Personal Injury leads can be a great way to increase your PI caseload cost-effectively.

Many attorneys waste thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns designed to generate more personal injury referrals. Unlike other forms of advertising, with internet PI leads, you stipulate the geographic areas you wish to target along with the desired volume. With this model, you pay for actual PI leads, not simply a marketing campaign that may or may not deliver qualified personal injury referrals.

How we Generate Personal Injury Leads

Since 2012, we have generated over 10,000 personal injury leads for attorneys across the country. Typically, a claimant will perform a search for a keyword related to personal injury within a major search engine. If the claimant decides to navigate to our website, he/she will have the opportunity to request a free case evaluation from a personal injury attorney.

We use primarily paid advertisements to generate our high-quality personal injury leads.

After entering basic contact information and a brief description of the injury, the “lead” is then e-mailed and/or texted to you in real time. You would then contact the claimant to see whether the case is worth pursuing.

What to Expect with Our Personal Injury Leads

Our personal injury leads include auto accident, birth defect, defective drug, general liability, medical malpractice, product liability, slip and fall, and wrongful death cases. Over 50% of the PI leads comprise auto accident and slip and fall cases, about 98% of which occurred in the last three years. Further, all our personal injury leads are exclusive and sent to only one attorney.

While some of our clients have reported retaining catastrophic injury cases with our PI leads, most of the cases retained by attorneys in our network tend to involve non-catastrophic injuries. We have some personal injury lead campaign recommendations that can help your firm be successful with the product.

The eGen Advantage

In addition to providing you with high-quality personal injury leads, using our service grants you access to eLuminate, our proprietary client management system. eLuminate helps you track lead performance, manage lead follow-up, process retained cases, generate documents, create custom reports and much more. While you purchase leads from us, you will receive five free eLuminate user accounts for your firm.

We also have the ability to enable live transfer at no additional charge. With this feature, an initial call is placed to the claimant. The claimant can then elect to be transferred directly to your office. Live transfer can help you and your staff reach more leads, thereby increasing your contact rate.

We take the needs of our clients seriously. When you sign up for personal injury leads with eGenerationMarketing, you will be assigned an individual account representative to to teach you how to utilize the eLuminate software most effectively, run custom conversion reports, and respond to any questions or requests.

How to Sign Up

To learn more about our exclusive personal injury leads, you can call us at 617.800.0089 or sign up online. You can also learn more about our personal injury leads in our personal injury lead frequently asked questions.