6 Content Ideas for FDCPA Firms

Coming up with new content ideas for FDCPA claimants while trying to focus on your current cases can be a tedious task. You may not have the opportunity to come up with new topics to write for your firm’s site as you’d like. If this is happening to you, then never fear! Here are some content ideas to keep your firm’s site updated and help increase your caseload:

1. Your Successful Cases

Did your firm have a stand out case? Did the claimant receive a large settlement? Write a blog about it! Highlighting your firm’s success can help potential claimants choose to work with your firm. Showing off your achievements is never a bad thing when it comes to persuading someone to work with your firm over others in your area.

2. FDCPA Violations

Write a blog about the different types of ways a debt collector can violate the FDCPA. Each type of violation can be its own blog post. Be sure to give examples and/or even tie in past cases your firm has settled where a debt collector acted in a similar manner. This will help show potential clients how well-versed in creditor harassment your firm is. Plus, adding in the examples of past cases your firm handled will once again demonstrate how your firm is the top choice to work with.

3. Evidence

Consider doing a blog about the different pieces of evidence that may be needed to help support an FDCPA claim. Things like keeping a log of all calls received from the collection agency or that any written correspondence that should be saved can be discussed. Some claimants may not know what they need in order to support their claim. Plus, telling potential clients what supporting documents they need can help save you time in the long run if they work with your firm.

4. Common Mistakes Made

There are likely common mistakes claimants make that you’ve noticed in your past cases. Write a blog about these! It can help keep your future clients from making the same mistakes, increasing the chances of the cases being won.

5. Famous or Recent Settlements

Keeping up with current events in your industry can be an easy way find new content ideas. Has someone recently won a settlement against a large collection agency? Were there any landmark cases in the past few years, or successful class-action FDCPA lawsuits? These can be easy content ideas to discuss and help keep your firm’s site current.

6. Legal Expenses

Many people are often weary of seeking legal aid because they think there are out of pocket expenses. A blog explaining that the legal expenses and fees are added into the claimant’s FDCPA settlement amount can help clear up any questions. Again, this can help persuade potential clients to work with you if they know they don’t have to pay upfront.

These are just a few of the many ideas your firm can write about. Check out other firm’s blogs to see what kind of content they are posting. If you notice common questions or trends with your current and past cases, use that as your content idea. Now, coming up with content ideas should be a breeze!