About eGenerationMarketing

eGenerationMarketing is a leader in the industry of legal lead generation services. We sell high-quality legal leads to law firms and advocacy groups at the national, state, and local levels. With our case and lead management software, eLuminate, our clients are able to manage all of their leads and pending cases, streamlining the process of signing client and winning a claim.

Company History

Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in February of 2009, eGenerationMarketing got its start by creating low-cost, high volume Social Security Disability (SSD) online legal lead generation campaigns for several of Boston's preeminent law firms.

Since then, we have begun working with other law firms and advocacy groups across the United States. Meeting the demands of our growing client base and industry standards, we have consistently been increasing volume, creating effective geographically-targeted marketing campaigns, and expanding our case type offering to Bankruptcy, FDCPA Violation, Personal Injury, and Workers’ Compensation. With ongoing efforts to cater custom online campaigns for each of our national, state, and local clients, we have made ourselves leaders in dependable, affordable legal lead generation.

Our Legal Lead Marketing Service

Using a combination of online advertising, such as pay-per-click advertisements, and organic search marketing, such as search engine optimization, among other internet marketing practices, eGenerationMarketing is able to generate a high volume of low cost, high quality legal leads for our clients.

Other than providing our clients with a low cost alternative to expand their client base, we have distinguished ourselves for providing our clients with support throughout the lead to case conversion process. By providing industry-leading software, at no additional cost, we help clients manage new intakes and convert them into cases.

Our internet attorney marketing services provide an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional print, radio, or television advertising solutions as a means of increasing your firm’s caseload and retaining new legal clients. To learn more about our online case lead generation efforts and how we can benefit your firm, please visit our Legal Lead Generation and Our Marketing Approach page.


After years of selling leads to attorneys and advocates, we noticed many of our clients did not have an all-in-one system to organize and track their leads and clients. This inspired us to create eLuminate, our lead and case management software, in 2010. At that point, eLuminate was simply software we distributed to our clients.

Since then, our web development team has worked tirelessly to improve eLuminate, adding new features, complex tracking capabilities, and unparalleled client-side flexibility – all while maintaining the sleek functionality our clients have come to expect. In September of 2013, we released eLuminate as a standalone product. Today, eLuminate's customization features allow it to serve as a premier client management system for businesses beyond the legal field.

eLuminate has helped countless firms become more efficient and more profitable, all without fees for installation, tech-support, or upgrades.

Looking Forward

eGenerationMarketing is a fast-paced, fast-growing internet attorney marketing firm, continuously pushing to enhance the quality of our marketing services, software products, and client relations. We look forward to developing and expanding our existing business relationships, and welcome the continuing opportunity to address the legal industry's marketing needs.

If you'd like to learn more about us, contact us today.