Workers' Compensation Leads

For the last 6 years, we have been generating Bankruptcy Leads, FDCPA Violation, Personal Injury Leads, Social Security Disability Leads (SSD) and/or Workers' Compensation Leads. Specifically since 2012, we have been generating Workers’ Compensation (WC) leads through a variety of online lead generation practices.

How we generate our WC Leads

Through several marketing campaigns, ranging from pay-per-click ads and organic search results, we are able to generate thousands of Workers' Compensation potential clients for attorneys per year, which are all exclusively sent to only one attorney.

Once a claimant reaches our website, they may fill out a form providing us with basic contact information and a brief description of his or her injuries. Once they submit a form, the lead will be sent to our clients in real time. All of our Workers’ Compensation leads will include a valid email address and phone number.

How to maximize your WC Leads

In order to maximize the lead generation process and the chances of retaining a case, we give our clients unlimited access to numerous resources. Included with our service, our clients have the option to enable a Live Transfer call feature on their account, have unlimited access to our proprietary client management software, and have access to our Clients Services team.

Live-Transfer Phone Calls

Developed internally, we now have the ability to have our worker's compensation leads Live-Transferred to our clients, at no additional cost. Meaning, within minutes of receiving the lead, an automated message will be sent to the claimant, prompting them to be connected with an attorney. Once they accept, our clients will receive a call connecting them directly with the claimant.

Lead and Case Management Software

By tracking every step of the follow-up process on our eLuminate software, which comes free with the service, clients have the opportunity to streamline and optimize their leads. Clients are able to record their cases as desired, signed, or rejected, which allows will allow clients to run reports to analyze their workers' compensation leads result. Please visit our Lead and Case Management software if you’d like to learn more.

Client Services

Analyzing what our clients do with our workers' compensation leads is vital in order to see whether or not their campaigns are working. This is why our Client Services team checks- in with our clients on a monthly basis. By checking in, we can identify any problems, if any, and give recommendations on how to optimize our clients’ campaign moving forward. We also can give you guidance into maximizing the Lead and Case Management Software on a daily basis.


If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 617.800.0089 or fill out an inquiry here. You can also learn more about our workers' comp leads in our Workers' Compensation FAQ