Older Social Security Claimants Might Not Be Ideal

Most Social Security disability attorneys seek older disability applicants, and for good reason. Once an applicant is over age 50, he or she has a much easier time qualifying for disability benefits. But is age all that matters? In many situations, a younger applicant earns attorneys significantly higher sums in back pay. Here are just a couple of hypothetical examples where younger applicants would be great cases for your firm.

Top 5 Ways To Get More SSDI Cases

With more students graduating law school yearly than new legal positions available, the Social Security disability space becomes more competitive every year. You may find that it’s more expensive to run paid ads on Google or Bing than it was five years ago, and new firms are popping up in your neighborhood by the dozen. If you’re finding that it’s hard to retain Social Security disability clients, here are a few tactics you can try to sign more cases quickly.

How Glowing Girls Illuminated Your Workers’ Compensation Cases

As a workers’ compensation attorney, you have the opportunity to help individuals who were injured on the job seek the monetary and medical benefits that they deserve. It must be rewarding doing so! However, that was not always possible: as industrialization bloomed and employees sustained injuries, few laws were in place to fully protect them. It took the work of several glowing girls poisoned by radium at their workplace to pave the way for the creation of stronger workers’ compensation laws and protection of employees.

Google Trends For Your Firm

Determining how to attract the right claimants to your firm’s site can be challenging. Fortunately, there are some free digital tools available that could help. Google Trends ( gives you a visual representation of how many searches any given keyword receives over time. Google Trends can be used to identify legal trends online and catering your website accordingly.

When to Outsource Your Marketing

Running a legal firm is significantly harder than it was 50 years ago—Digital marketing is becoming one of the favored platforms for businesses, and competition is constantly growing in the legal space. Running marketing campaigns for your firm may be an endeavor that’s best left to another organization. Here are some telltale signs that you should consider outsourcing your marketing:

Reducing Lead Follow-Up Time

If you’re using lead generation to get clients, congratulations! You have mountains of people interested in your services.

Now you just have to get ahold of them.

Connecting with leads can be a time-consuming part of the client acquisition process. It’s not uncommon to have to try multiple times to get in touch with a potential client. Unfortunately, some attorneys give up long before the client is able to pick up the phone.

Managing the Income of Your Social Security Disability Practice

As a Social Security disability attorney or advocate, your main priority is to help your clients win the benefits that they deserve. However, the bottom line is that your Social Security disability practice is a business and the key to being successful is to efficiently manage your cash flow. You must ensure that you have a steady stream of income coming in, but this can be especially tricky since it can take months or even years to see a return on disability cases. Therefore, it is important to know exactly how much money you could expect to receive at each level of the application process so that you can manage your business accordingly.