Social Security Disability Leads

Social Security Disability (SSD) lead generation is our largest and most developed area of legal case leads. We have generated over one million leads since we started in 2009 and are currently generating many thousands of leads every week. Working with over six hundred Social Security Disability attorneys and advocates has allowed us to continually improve lead quality over the past six plus years.

How Are Leads Generated

Our team of Internet marketing aficionados generates SSD leads from hundreds of sources every year. Disability case leads are generated primarily on the Internet and are a result of potential claimants arriving at one of our websites through Internet searches, social media posts, display advertisements, etc.

If the individual fills out a contact form for a free case evaluation he/she is immediately connected with a Social Security Disability attorney or advocate for a free disability case evaluation. The lead is then exclusively sent to one of the hundreds of disability firms in our network, so our clients don’t have to complete with several attorneys for the same case. Each lead includes the claimant contact information, pertinent case details, and a brief case description.

Lead Quality

Many companies generate Social Security Disability leads, but few companies have years of experience generating high quality SSD leads that convert. For over five years, we have collected lead dispositions from our partners, which has allowed us to continually refine lead quality by maximizing lead volume from top converting sources and eliminating poor performing campaigns. Let us show you how we can maximize your Social Security Disability marketing budget.

Lead Filters

Since no two firms are the same and disability lawyers/advocates retain cases on different criteria, we allow every firm to have a completely customized lead package. Below are criteria by which leads can be filtered.

  • The claimant’s age
  • Is applicant currently receiving Social Security benefits?
  • Does applicant expect to be out of work for at least 12 months?
  • Does applicant have an attorney helping him/her with this case?
  • Is applicant receiving treatment from a doctor?

To learn more about what might be the best lead package for your firm, feel free to review our SSD Campaign Recommendations and SSD Recommendations by Firm Type pages.

Lead Follow Up

If approached correctly, Internet case leads often result in a fantastic ROI. We offer many free resources, such as SSD Leads Tips for Success, a client management software included with the service, and a professional, knowledgeable, and responsive client services team to aid the attorneys in our network to maximize their return. We also send a hard copy of Taking the Lead and give our clients the opportunity to have their SSD case leads live-transferred.

More Information

For more information about how eGenerationMarketing, Inc. will increase your caseload, please fill out a contact form, call our friendly staff at 617.800.0089, or check out our Social Security disability lead FAQ.