Rising Fee Payments in Social Security disability

2017 appears to be the most profitable year for Social Security disability attorneys and advocates in over five years. Beginning in 2016, the average Social Security fee rose above $3000. 2017 looks even better, with the average attorney fee above $3,100 every month for the first time ever.

Let’s look back at how much Social Security disability payments have increased for attorneys over the years, and how much additional income your firm could earn this year.

Using 2015 as a baseline…

2015 Q1 Fee Payments

Retaining Clients Through Email

Prompt and persistent follow up is key to success with lead generation. Most firms tend to rely on phone calls to get in contact with leads, but email communication has become an equally important tool when it comes to establishing contact.

While phone calls are a tried and true strategy, it’s important to make sure that you are utilizing email communications to their full potential.

A Year in Review: 6 Most Popular Posts of 2016

Over the past eight years eGenerationMarketing has published numerous blogs all aimed towards providing you with marketing, industry, and other insights.

With all of this content available to attorneys and advocates, we wanted to share and highlight some of the year’s most popular posts.

ODAR Approval Ratings (2016) : Social Security disability representatives rely on favorable Hearings in order to keep their offices profitable. Listed in this blog are all of the ODAR approval ratings for the year of 2016

A Marketing Lesson From Our Presidents

Marketing and maintaining your law firm is a very serious task. With the 2016 election rapidly approaching, it might be helpful to look back at past presidents who have pursued the noble profession of attorney and how you can utilize the lessons they learned along the way.

John Adams

Our nation’s first vice president and second commander and chief. Many of us will remember Adams for his famous defense of the British soldiers accused of shooting and killing five Bostonians in what became known as “The Boston Massacre.”

Staying in Touch With Your Clients

“Please call me back when you have a moment, my number is…” How many of these messages have you left in your professional career?

Almost any professional will tell you that client responsiveness (or lack thereof) can halt the flow of your daily business. In the legal industry, clients who are not responsive can lead to missed paperwork, deadlines, court dates, or a number of other time sensitive matters.

What are some steps to take when you cannot seem to get a call back?

Is Now a Good Time to Talk?

These days, most initial introductions to a law firm are handled over the phone. Phone interviews or consultations help save you and your potential client time, but can also present a number of obstacles that you will have to overcome when you want to put your “best foot forward” for your law firm.

Flawless phone conversations lead to enthusiastic clients, higher profit margins, and a steady stream of clients and client referrals.

Boost your Personal Injury Caseload by Going Local

Personal Injury is one of the most competitive areas of law for clients.

The high ceiling of potential payouts, especially when facing a corporation, entices attorneys to try and retain as many Personal Injury cases as possible. However, the intense competition for ad space, community awareness, and referral sources makes it extremely difficult to stand out from another firm down the road. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead.

Low Price High Reward – FDCPA

Last winter eGeneration rolled out its latest lead product, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case leads. Over the past year we have looked at ways to maximize success with these leads, but a lot of attorneys find that FDCPA cases are difficult to retain in general. Through educating consumers and using intelligent marketing tactics, FDCPA case leads can be exceptionally profitable.

Educating Your SSD Lead

As a Social Security Disability (SSD) attorney or advocate, your knowledge of the Social Security Disability system is extensive. The same cannot be said for many disabled Americans who would benefit from the same knowledge you possess. When you receive SSD leads from eGeneration, you are being put in to contact with these very citizens, who are most likely ignorant of the procedures and benefits Social Security Disability entails.