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Looking to Increase Your Caseload?

Finding new clients and quality cases can be a challenging aspect of working in the legal industry. Legal lead generation allows you to watch those valuable cases come to you.

What Makes eGeneration Different?

We generate quality legal case leads for Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and employment law attorneys.

Why use eGeneration For Legal Lead Generation?

Our leads are sent to your firm, and only yours. No bidding or sharing with anyone else.
No Long-Term Commitment
There are no minimums and you can cancel or pause at any time.
Free Case Management Software
We provide complimentary access to eLuminate so you can manage your leads, cases, contacts, and streamline your intake process.
We send leads your way as soon as they are received, increasing your chances of signing a potential client.
Geotarget Your Leads
We understand some firms practice in certain states or towns, while others practice nationally. We can tailor the leads you receive by state, area code, or zip code prefix.
You can opt to receive custom Social Security disability leads with our custom lead packages.
Any questions? Call us at (617) 800 0089 today and get lead generation answers.

We strive to provide the best legal leads we can for our product types. Most lead generation companies neglect to give you options that help you filter out less desirable leads. Top lead generation companies understand that our process and customer care is what has kept us in business since 2009.

Lead generation for attorneys can result in an incredibly favorable return on investment. If you need a lead generation firm for SSD, PI, WC, and Employment Law cases, eGeneration is for you.

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