Social Security disability was the first case type we generated leads for. You could say that SSD leads are eGenerationMarketing’s “bread and butter.” Resources on lead generation for your Social Security disability firm isn’t all you’ll find here: From the best ODAR offices to take claims to general tips for success, we’ve compiled information geared towards helping any Social Security disability attorney be as profitable as possible.

Resources for Attorneys Using Social Security Disability Leads

Tips for Success with Social Security Disability Leads

Receiving eGenerationMarketing’s high-quality Social Security disability leads is just half the battle. Here are some ways our most successful clients have found success through legal lead generation.

Social Security Disability Lead Campaign Recommendations

Law firms across the country can be successful with eGenerationMarketing’s Social Security disability leads. Here are a few campaign recommendations if you’re not sure where to start.

Returns with Social Security Leads

Disability leads can be significantly more profitable than other forms of marketing--see how our leads stack up to other channels.

Social Security Lead Recommendations by Firm Size

A nationwide Social Security law firm will need a radically different marketing strategy than a solo practitioner. Learn how our Social Security leads can help both types of law firms.

Social Security Leads by State

We sell Social Security disability leads across the country. Here's a little more information on our lead availability in your state.

Case Management Software for Social Security Law Firms

eLuminate, eGeneration’s legal case management software, was designed with Social Security attorneys in mind. Find out how it can help your firm today.

General Resources for Social Security Attorneys

The SSA’s Goals for 2017 and Your Firm

Every year, the SSA tries to improve its process for approving claimants. Learn how 2017’s goals could affect your firm.

Average ODAR Approval Rate in 2016

Average ODAR Approval Rates in 2015

Better ODAR approval ratings mean a higher percentage of won claims for your firm. Find out where the most profitable cities are to take SSD claims.

Social Security Disability Profitability

Many attorneys believe Social Security disability is becoming unprofitable—recent data seem to say otherwise.

ODASI in Other Countries

How do Social Security disability benefits stack up when compared to other countries? The differences may be surprising.

Best Cases for Social Security Attorneys

Here are some of the top case types for any Social Security disability advocates or attorneys.

Getting Social Security Claimants to Your Website

In a competitive area of law, it may be hard to get more leads online. Here are some tips to help your firm's website succeed.

The Average Social Security Fee is Rising

Did you know that disability attorney fees are rising? This means more profitability for your firm--If you're taking cases now.

Changes to Social Security Over the Years

Since Social Security disability was founded in 1956, the SSA has made dozens of changes to the program. Many of these changes are great for Social Security attorneys and advocates.

Marketing For a Social Security Firm

It can be challenging to get your marketing campaigns for a Social Security disability firm off the ground--here's some tips for success.

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