Personal injury law is one of the most competitive markets for attorneys across the country. Fortunately, there are resources available for your firm. Legal lead generation can be an affordable way for personal injury attorneys to start marketing campaigns, or for large firms to supplement their current efforts.

Resources for our Current and Potential Clients

Our PI Lead Campaigns

Learn more about the personal injury leads eGenerationMarketing offers, and how your firm can increase its profitability with lead generation.

Personal Injury Campaign Recommendations

Taking information and tips from our most successful clients, here are our recommendations for having success with our PI leads.

Personal Injury Recommendations by Firm Size

A solo practitioner will have wildly different needs and concerns than a large firm--learn more about how our leads are great for personal injury attorneys of any firm size! While all personal injury lead generation campaigns are customizable, here are a couple of our top recommendations to help your firm find the most success with personal injury leads.

Call Every Lead

You may be tempted to only call your auto accident personal injury leads, and while we do generate a lot of this case type, you may be missing out on some excellent clients.

Track Your Cases

It can be hard to determine how well you're doing with a personal injury lead campaign--here are some top ways to measure your success.

Tips for Success with Personal Injury Leads

Much like any other product, personal injury leads are only profitable if your team puts in an effort. Hers are some tips to help you be as successful as possible with personal injury leads.

Returns and Profitability with Personal Injury Leads

Personal injury lead generation can be much more profitable than traditional forms of advertising. Crunch the numbers and consider supplementing your current marketing efforts.

Personal Injury and Case Management Software

Did you know that eLuminate, eGeneration’s legal case management software, was designed with personal injury attorneys in mind? From generating documents to sending emails to multiple claimants at once, case management software can become a vital component of any personal injury law firm.

Personal Injury Leads FAQ

Do you have questions about our personal injury lead service? We have answers.

Time-Tracking Software and PI Leads

Because personal injury settlements are awarded on a contingency website, you may not believe there is any use for time-tracking software. In actuality, personal injury attorneys can use time-tracking features to evaluate the efficiency of their firm and employees.

General Resources for all Personal Injury Attorneys

Getting More Personal Injury Clients

Getting more clients is hard for many firms--Here are some easy ways for you to supplement your caseload.

Directing More Traffic to Your Website

In such a saturated area of law, it can be challenging to get more traffic to your site. Here are some tips that can help you succeed.

Go Local and Take More Personal Injury Cases

Because a BAR will only accredit a personal injury attorney for one state, going local and becoming a part of your community is a great way to increase your caseload.

Top Cases for PI Attorneys

Not every personal injury claim is a "slam dunk" for attorneys. Here are some of the best claims you could run across at your practice.

Why Your Firm Should Take all Case Types

While most PI attorneys want mainly auto accident claims, other case types can be exceptionally profitable as well.

5 Signs Your Claimant has a Great PI Claim

While not every personal injury claim will settle for six figures or more, here are some good signs your client's claim will be profitable.

Make the Most of Conferences

Thousands of attorneys go to conferences every year. If you’re scheduled to attend an upcoming conference but aren’t sure what you should be doing at the event, here are some tips you can use to make sure you squeeze the most value out of a legal conference.

Sign More Clients

Personal injury is one of the most saturated and competitive areas of law. If you need to sign more clients, consider one of these techniques.

Save Money With PI Leads

Personal injury leads can be much more affordable than other forms of marketing--Find out how much you could save today.

Marketing a Personal Injury Firm

It can be challenging to know how to get your marketing campaigns off the ground. Here are a few tips and tricks for PI firms looking to expand their caseloads through digital marketing.

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