eGenerationMarketing has been generating high-quality workers’ compensation leads since 2012. From solo practitioners to nationwide firms, attorneys across the country have been able to grow their caseload with workers’ comp leads. Here are some resources that can help your firm have the most success with our workers’ compensation leads, or help you decide if you’re interested in trying lead generation for the first time.

Our Workers’ Compensation Leads

Interested in how our claimants find our website, or how to maximize your profits with workers’ compensation leads? From case management software to a stellar Client Services team, we can help your firm sign more cases.

Success with Workers’ Comp Leads

We’ve taken tips and tricks from our most successful clients to help your firm be as profitable as possible when using lead generation in addition to your current marketing efforts.

Workers' Comp Campaign Recommendations

Some of our most successful clients sign one of every five workers' comp leads. Here's how you could be successful with the product.

Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to learn more about how we generate our workers’ compensation leads, how you’ll actually receive your leads, or how much you can expect to pay for one desirable workers’ comp case? We cover some of our most commonly asked questions here.

Case Management Software and Workers’ Compensation Leads

Many firms use case management software to streamline their efficiency. eGenerationMarketing has offered eLuminate, our in-house lead and case management software, free of charge for any clients purchasing leads. By using eLuminate, your workers’ compensation firm can cut down on the time spent vetting leads, associate contacts with pending cases, and send documentation to the right parties quickly and efficiently.

Getting More Workers' Comp Clients to Your Firm

Are you trying to generate workers' comp leads online? Here are some tips you can utilize to stand out from the competition.

Best Workers' Compensation Case Types

Not ever workers' compensation lead is created equally. Here are some of the best cases to look for.

Finding New Clients Through Email

By organizing your old workers’ compensation claimants, you can find new claimants through rejected claims that may have improved with time, workers’ compensation claimants who are also eligible for other types of claims (like Social Security disability or personal injury), or even new connections from medical providers you’ve worked with in the past. Keeping detailed lists of contacts to email in the future is vitally important for future referral leads, and case management software like eLuminate can make reaching out easy.

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