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eGenerationMarketing has been generating high-quality personal injury leads since 2010. Purchasing personal injury leads is an easy way for your firm to supplement your current marketing campaigns without paying an arm and a leg for personal injury paid search campaigns or other traditional forms of legal marketing. Here are some of the top benefits of eGeneration’s personal injury lead campaigns:

  • You can take as many or as few personal injury leads as your firm needs. We have no minimums, meaning you can cater your personal injury lead package to best suit your current availability.

  • Our PI leads are profitable because they’re high quality. The vast majority of our PI leads are generated through paid search campaigns on Google, meaning you receive claimants seeking a free legal consultation. Our PPC campaigns are monitored daily to ensure our personal injury leads convert well for your firm.

  • We supplement our lead costs through search engine optimization (SEO). Through various SEO techniques, we are able to maintain quality traffic to our sites while helping reduce the cost of leads for our clients and help increase your return on investment.

  • Our leads are sent in real time. This means once a claimant completes our Free Case Evaluation, their contact information and brief case description is sent straight to your firm. You can have PI leads emailed to your firm or texted to your phone.

  • Your firm can receive leads only in areas where you take cases. We can narrow leads down to an area code or a three-digit zip code prefix. You can choose to receive leads in a small area or receive leads nationwide.

  • Scaling up? We have you covered. Our customizable campaigns allow you to receive personal injury leads from your entire state, or multiple states if you practice across the country. If you receive claims statewide, we can adjust our paid campaigns accordingly, meaning you receive the highest-quality PI leads.

  • All of our personal injury leads are exclusive, so you don’t need to worry about your competitors calling leads from eGeneration ahead of you. We won’t sell the same lead to multiple firms.

Our lead generation tactics allow us to generate a variety of PI leads. These include:

  • auto accident
  • slip and fall
  • general liability
  • medical malpractice
  • product liability
  • wrongful death

If you’re interested in increasing your firm’s caseload with personal injury leads, give us a call today at 617.800.0089 to speak with a representative about our personal injury lead pricing and availability today.