Below are resources to help law firms of all shapes and sizes. You can find information on success with our leads, how to use eLuminate, tips on marketing your firm and everything in between.

Promptly follow up with leads to help increase conversions. Our leads are sent as soon as a user completes a Free Case Evaluation, indicating interest in speaking with an attorney. This means they are actively looking for legal assistance and may reach out to other firms. The longer you wait to follow up, the more likely a lead is to no longer need your service.

Do not just follow up with a lead once and then reject it. You will need to actively continue with lead follow-ups to make initial contact before discarding it due to a lack of contact. We recommend 10-15 follow-ups before finally giving up on the lead. Consider varying the time you reach out as well as the manner of follow up to increase the chance of contacting a lead.

Once you get a lead on the phone, use an intake script to get all the information you need to determine if you will move forward with the case. Within eLuminate, you can set up custom fields to act as an intake script. Along with details of the claim, ask for the preferred form of contact and best time to contact a lead. This will help with future communication.

Keep detailed records of what leads converted to clients. This information can help your firm look for any trends with our leads. You'll be able to see if specific areas convert better for your firm, if you need to adjust your lead package to screen out specific leads and more. We can also then use this data to improve our lead quality.

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