Below you will find a list of resources our potential and current clients ask us about. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions or would like further explanation.

Resources for Social Security Disability Attorneys

From ODAR approval rates to tips for success with Social Security leads, we have dozens of resources for Social Security disability advocates and attorneys.

Resources for Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury is one of the most competitive areas of law for attorneys. Our resources make handling personal injury claims a little easier.

Resources for Workers' Compensation Attorneys

If your firm handles workers' compensation cases, you may want to consider supplementing your current caseload with workers' comp leads.

Resources For Employment Law Attorneys

Lead generation can be an easy way to increase your firm's employment law cases. Use our resources to help with the success of employment and labor law leads.

Resources for eLuminate

Whether you're a case management software veteran or are not sure whether to take the plunge, our eLuminate resources can help you determine the best decision for your firm.

Resources for Every Attorney

Regardless of your area of law, our general resources can help attorneys increase their firms' profitability.

Tips for Success with our Products

Whether you're an attorney at a nationwide Social Security disability firm, or a solo practitioner working with employment and labor law claimants, our lead generation services can be profitable for your firm.