A Year in Review: 6 Most Popular Posts of 2016

Over the past eight years eGenerationMarketing has published numerous blogs all aimed towards providing you with marketing, industry, and other insights.

With all of this content available to attorneys and advocates, we wanted to share and highlight some of the year’s most popular posts.

ODAR Approval Ratings (2016) : Social Security disability representatives rely on favorable Hearings in order to keep their offices profitable. Listed in this blog are all of the ODAR approval ratings for the year of 2016

eGen. targets lead campaigns to specific ODARs across the country. Consider becoming more profitable in 2017!

Managing Cash Flow : In an industry where payouts can take 18 months to two years, managing your office’s cash flow is important.

Any office wants to scale its operation, but careful planning enables you to do so in a profitable manner.

2017 Social Security Changes : As maintaining profitability often relies heavily on accurate forecasting, any SSA representative will want to take a look at any upcoming changes in Social Security for 2017.

The good news is that overall the changes implemented for 2016 should not bring drastic changes for representatives across the country. Also, it appears that the average representative fee is rising – making Social Security the most profitable it has been in years.

Third Party Call Centers : Lead follow up is extremely important. As pointed out in this blog, 12% of all leads receive no follow up of any kind. Following up with leads in an efficient manner is critical to success with any lead generation service.

Offices that have limited resources to devote may find that utilizing a third party call center can be an efficient way to maximize the potential on every lead you are sent.

Hiring A Legal Intern : Everyone could use some more help. What some offices do not realize is that a legal intern can do more than push papers – they can bring immediate added value to your firm.

A new employee in your office brings new prospective and new skills. In a fast evolving world keeping your office current is more important than ever. Your next intern could give you insights you could have simply overlooked on your own.

Questions For Your Next Lead Provider :This is a must read for any attorney or representative looking in to a lead generation service. Each lead company has different strengths, so even a seasoned lead campaigner will want to ask the right questions when prospecting for a new lead company to utilize.

Having set up and ran hundreds of lead campaigns, eGenerationMarketing is one of the most qualified companies on the market to consult with regarding your next campaign. If you would like to speak with us directly –call 617.800.0089

As we roll through 2017, it is important to stay up to date and educated on various topics concerning your law firm. Staying in the loop of Industry changes and new marketing initiatives should set you up for more success in the new year!