3 Email Marketing Ideas For Attorneys

Email marketing can be a powerful tactic to help you sign more clients. While most attorneys know the value of a well-placed email, it can be challenging to get your campaigns off the ground if you don’t have any kind of digital marketing or sales experience. If you’re considering putting an effort into email marketing, here are a few tips for what types of content you could send your audience.

Email #1: Welcome Emails

Because all email campaigns should be built from users who opt into your firm’s campaigns, why not send a welcome email to your subscribers? This is the easiest form of mass email marketing you can do as it’s automated and should send as soon as someone subscribes to your firm’s emails. A study from Experian found that most welcome emails have a staggering open rate of 57.8%. The average legal marketing email, on the other hand, has an open rate of just 22.5%.

So what can you do with your welcome email? The most important thing will be making it memorable! Thank users for subscribing to your firm and highlight some of the top reasons to work with your firm. This can include your expertise (motorcycle accidents for PI attorneys perhaps), some big cases you’ve won, or some critical reasons why a claimant should speak with an attorney as soon as possible to preserve their claim.

Email #2: Referral Request

It’s important to segment your email marketing list, so you may have a list comprised of contacts from claims you’ve already settled. Sending requests for referrals is a great way to nudge previous claimants to recommend your firm to friends and family.

The challenge with this type of email is there’s not a lot of value you can offer to your prior clients. It’s not like you can really offer someone $50 for referring a friend like meal services or subscription-based companies can. But odds are if you did a great job representing a claimant and winning the case, someone will be happy to recommend you anyway.

Email #3: Urgent Reminders

Email marketing is a great way to update a large group of claimants about upcoming hearings, missing paperwork, and more. By segmenting one of your email marketing lists to include claimants who have pending claims, you can dramatically reduce your follow up time with claimants.

You can also follow up with claimants with eLuminate, eGen’s own lead and case management software. You can use Mass Actions to send customized emails to claimants to return paperwork like retainer packages, notify them of their scheduled court date, ask them to swing by the office, and more. eLuminate is free for all lead clients to use.

While it may feel tedious to work on email marketing campaigns, they can help you sign a lot more clients when executed successfully.

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