Legal Lead Generation for Attorneys

Lead generation is an affordable solution for attorneys or advocates looking to take on more cases. eGenerationMarketing has been generating legal case leads for attorneys since 2009. We currently offer high quality Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Employment Law, and Fair Debt Collection legal case leads.

Why use eGenerationMarketing's Leads?

Every time you receive a lead from eGen, you know your lead:

  • Is exclusive
  • Comes with complimentary lead management software
  • Will be sent to you in real-time
  • Requires no long-term commitment
  • Can be targeted to your area
  • Can be customizable to your firm's needs

How eGeneration's Leads Boost Profitability

Our campaigns are created with your firm in mind. From flexible payment options to customizable packages, you can choose to purchase leads that are the best fit for your firm.

Our leads are exclusive.

Unlike competitors, we will not send the same lead to multiple people. Exclusive leads are beneficial to your firm because you will not need to worry about other attorneys in our network contacting your leads before you get the chance.

Our leads come with lead & case management software.

eLuminate, eGeneration’s lead and case management software, is free to use for firms purchasing leads from eGenerationMarketing. The leads you purchase from eGeneration are automatically imported into eLuminate, streamlining your intake process and saving your firm time.

Our leads are sent to you in real-time.

The moment someone fills out their contact information on one of our websites, the lead is sent to your firm in real time. We even have a live-transfer system that allows you to be connected to the lead over the phone once they fill an online evaluation. This gives your firm the best chance of getting in contact with a lead.

We do not require a long-term commitment.

Testing out a batch of leads with us is easy. If you decide the service is not right for you, you can cancel with just two business days’ notice. We also do not require any minimum purchases. You can buy as many or as few leads from us as your firm can handle.

We allow you to only receive leads in your area.

We understand that it’s impossible for most firms to receive case leads nationwide, or even statewide in some instances. We allow you to target the areas you receive leads by state, area code, or by three-digit zip code prefix.

Our Social Security disability leads are customizable.

If you want your Social Security disability leads to be over age of 30, or if you won’t take any cases where a claimant isn’t seeing a doctor, we can create custom packages to best suit your needs.

If you’d like to speak with us today about purchasing Social Security, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Employment Law, or FDCPA case leads, contact us today or give us a call at 617.800.0089.