Tools to Help With Legal Marketing

Legal marketing often feels overwhelming, especially for firms without a dedicated marketing team. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools available for attorneys managing their own marketing campaigns. Here are a few ways you can streamline your marketing efforts and sign more cases today:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for any law firm with a website. This free-to-use tool gives you an inside look at which pages generate the most traffic, how long users stay on your website, where your visits come from geographically, and much more.

Stick The Landing—Writing and Testing Landing Pages For Your Firm

Congratulations, you’ve started a great online marketing campaign! You’ve picked a great keyword, set a great bid, written a great ad, and gotten a great click. Now you just need to stick the landing with a great landing page.

A landing page is what users will see when they click on one of your paid ads on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Your landing page is the last obstacle between securing that new client or losing them.

8 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship With Your In-House Marketing

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so we have one thing on our mind - love. And what’s better than a loving relationship? Now is a good chance to evaluate your relationships, including the one with your firm’s in-house marketing. It’s fantastic if you’re in a healthy and successful relationship, but is it possible you might be in a toxic one? If you find yourself agreeing with any of these statements below, perhaps it’s time to break up with one (or more) marketing campaigns, and find a better alternative!

NFL Players Who Became Attorneys After They Retired

Did you realize lead generation and football have a lot in common? For example, attorneys who use lead generation need high-quality cases so they can help their clients win and bring in more revenue for the firm.

NFL teams want the best possible players at their position to help win games and championships and generate more ticket sales and revenue for the team.

The similarities don’t end there—when Social Security attorneys or advocates use our services, they want leads with a high probability of winning a claim.

5 Signs You Should Invest in Lead Generation

As an attorney, it may seem like there are endless marketing strategies in which to invest. You may be overwhelmed with the amount of options pitched to you by marketing agencies on a daily basis.

Many older, more traditional offices rely on physical location and foot traffic for success. Although the necessity of being able to meet with clients is still of the utmost importance,, the digital age has also ushered in the value of the “click and mortar” business. Using the Internet correctly can provide incredible benefits for any law firm.

Six Myths About Social Security Disability Leads

Thousands of Social Security attorneys and advocates across the country use a Social Security disability lead provider to find and sign high-quality cases every year. If your firm hasn’t used a lead provider before, you may be confused about the quality of SSD leads and how your firm can use them. Here are six common myths debunked regarding Social Security leads:

Myth: They’re All Children

Again, most people who contact an attorney seeking legal help are adults over age 45. While some childhood cases are generated, most are adults needing SSDI benefits.

Staying Productive in the Snow

During the holiday season, snow is a welcome accompaniment to parties, presents, ice-skating and hot cocoa drinking. However, after the New Year, snowstorms become more of a hassle for attorneys as your workload picks up and you can no longer afford to let the snow affect your productivity. Here are some ways to ensure that no matter the weather, you can always finish the workday feeling accomplished.

3 New Year’s Resolutions Your Law Firm Can Keep

It’s a tradition to make a resolution on New Year’s Day. Many choose to try to lose weight, exercise more often, or be friendly to those around them. Have you ever considered making a resolution to improve your legal practice? January is a great time of the year to evaluate how you did in months prior and what can be improved upon. Here are three resolutions you may want to try at your law firm.