How “Incredibles 2” Can Make Your Practice Incredible

Submitted by bem on Tue, 06/26/2018 - 16:17

Since its premiere on June 15, 2018, “Incredibles 2” has been an extreme success. The long-awaited sequel broke multiple box office records, and it has earned the position of best animated movie opening of all time. While the superpowers that the Parr family possesses in the movie seem unbelievable, in reality these skills are similar to the abilities that help attorneys to succeed in their practices daily.

Case Strength

Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible), the patriarch of the family, is amazingly strong. His strength aids him in defeating villains throughout the movie, just as strong cases aid attorneys in defeating their opponents. It is essential to build up powerful documentation and evidence to support every case your firm takes.

Oftentimes, case management software can make this process much easier. Case management software helps attorneys to reach out to clients, medical practitioners, and other contacts who may provide important evidence. Collecting this evidence is essential to a case, and the software can remind you when and if you need to reach out to various connections. We offer eLuminate, our own lead and case management software, free to all of our clients who purchase legal leads.


Bob’s wife Helen, the superhero Elastigirl, is extremely flexible. Helen can stretch herself greatly in all directions. Like Helen, it is important for attorneys to be flexible. Lawyers must constantly adapt to new information, evidence, situations, and circumstances. It is therefore vital to note which areas, if any, of your practice need adapting or improving. For example, attorneys should track their marketing efforts and determine which are most profitable. If a practice is proving ineffective, it may be necessary to alter the marketing strategy or discontinue that campaign entirely.

Working with a lead generation company to improve the results of the marketing efforts could be a profitable addition to your current marketing channels. For example, our Social Security disability clients typically sign new cases at an average marketing cost of $250-$300, which is significantly lower than most traditional marketing options like TV ads or billboards.

Protective Instincts

In addition to her parents, Violet Parr possesses superpowers. Not only can Violet turn invisible, but she can also form protective shields. Violet protects her family and friends in battles. It is important to keep this protective mindset in mind when working with clients. Many personal injury or Social Security disability clients are seriously struggling with various impairments and injuries. By portraying to a client that you truly care about his or her individual case, your client’s confidence in your ability to successfully win the case will increase.


Violet’s brother, Dash Parr, is extremely fast. Dash can run at shocking speeds, and he uses this skill to great advantage in combat. As it is in fighting villains, speed is important when dealing with clients. Staying on top of a client’s case and completing tasks in a timely manner will make cases easier to manage and increase a client’s confidence in an attorney.

In addition, speed is extremely important when it comes to lead generation. It is vital to contact leads as soon as possible. These potential clients are clearly searching for an attorney, and you want to contact them before someone else does. Attorneys find they get the best results if they contact the potential clients within 24 hours of receiving the lead, but if you’re able to contact your lead within 5 minutes you’ll be 60% more likely to speak with the potential client at all. We offer a complimentary live transfer feature to connect our clients over the phone with their leads as soon as the free evaluations are submitted.


The youngest Parr, Jack-Jack, is still a baby in “Incredibles 2.” Despite his young age, Jack-Jack is revealed to already have 17 superpowers. This “jack-of-all-trades” has many abilities and can personally deal with many obstacles using his powers. Similarly, solo practitioners in particular must oversee every aspect of their practice. This list includes marketing, employment, paperwork, trials, and more. Solo practitioners must be versatile and skilled in numerous areas of law and business.

In some cases, it can be extremely helpful to not have to worry about the marketing aspect of your business. Lead providers aid attorneys in their marketing efforts and take one task off of the extremely busy schedules of solo practitioners.

While the Parr family possesses superhuman abilities, the basic skills are not unattainable for everyday attorneys. With strength, flexibility, protective instincts, speed, and versatility, your practice can survive and thrive in the increasingly-competitive legal industry. If you would like to learn more about our Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, or creditor harassment leads, call us today at 617.800.0089. We would love to help you make your practice even more incredible.