June 2010: eGenerationNews - Issue 1

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Welcome to eGenerationNEWS, the legal marketing newsletter from eGenerationMarketing.

This monthly newsletter will keep you posted on company and industry news, new lead generation product updates, tips for increasing your ROI on eGenerationMarketing services, and more.

Know A Lawyer? Get $100.

As our Social Security Disability lead generation program continues to expand, eGenerationMarketing is actively seeking local and regional affiliates interested in retaining additional SSDI/SSI cases through online lead generation.

Know an attorney or advocate who might be interested?

Get a $100 discount on your next bill by visiting our Referral Program Page at eGenerationMarketing.com...

Product Announcement: Personal Injury

eGenerationNEWS proud to announce the local launch of Unified Personal Injury, the new PI lead generation product from eGenerationMarketing.

Keep on top of eGenerationNews for information on forthcoming product lines, including Personal Injury, Workers' Comp., and Bankruptcy leads.

For more information, visit the Products section of our website at eGenerationMarketing.com...

Article Feature: "Lead Generation and Your Practice"

Article: "The Internet and Your Practice: Navigating the Abyss of Online Lead Generation," by eGenerationMarketing co-founder Dan Mummolo was featured in recent issue of the Personal Injury Lawyer's Marketing & Management Association (PILMMA) publication.

To read the full text of the article, please click here...

Lead Generation Tips

Our most successful clients report case retention rates from the Social Security leads we provide at between 15% - 20%.

To help streamline your screening process and maximize your return on lead generation services, please review our Resources Page and New Client Information Pamphlet.


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