If you’re like most personal injury attorneys, clients pay you based on a contingency fee: When your client wins a case, you’re paid a percentage of the damages. Because you don’t bill your clients directly, you may think that your firm does not need time-tracking software. Time tracking can be used for more than just billing clients! Even contingency-based legal professionals, like personal injury attorneys, can find utility from time-tracking software.

Personal injury attorneys can delegate tasks with time-tracking software.

Delegating tasks is one of the most important components of managing any personal injury law firm. With time tracking software, you can ensure that you stay on schedule and spend your valuable time as wisely as possible.

For example, let’s say that you use time-tracking software to monitor how much time you complete tasks away from the computer, such as organizing paperwork for an upcoming trial. eLuminate’s time-tracking feature can track how long you spend doing any task, regardless of whether or not you’re on the computer. If you find that you’ve spent three hours going through paperwork, you can easily delegate some of the workload to your paralegal, secretary, or other associates.

In addition to delegating your own tasks, you can use time-tracking software to evaluate how much workload your staff is taking on. If one of your paralegals seems to be spending a lot of time on one assignment, you can shift his or her workload so others can assist as well.

Using time-tracking features helps you understand where eLuminate can best help your firm succeed.

Once you find where your firm is inefficient, you can utilize eLuminate’s other features to help streamline your personal injury practice. If you are spending too much time going through paper documents, you can upload them all onto eLuminate. This helps you organize your cases and keeps you out of the file cabinet. You can also use eLuminate to create customizable documents to send out for electronic signature. With time tracking, once you pinpoint an inefficiency, you can work on eliminating it.

If you’re ever unsure about a feature eLuminate has, feel free to reach out to our Client Services team.

Personal injury attorneys can organize their days into blocks.

Attorneys are always busy, especially if you practice law in multiple states. From traveling to courthouses or police stations, you’re often on the go. This can make it challenging to organize your day in a way that you can accomplish work.

When you use time-tracking software, you can designate periods of your day to be spent on specific tasks, such as contacting police stations to get police reports, or interviewing witnesses for statements. Time blocking is actually one of the most effective ways to work. With time-tracking software, organizing your day has become easier then ever before.

These are just a couple of eLuminate’s unique features that can help your personal injury firm succeed. Would you like to learn more? Give us a call today at 617.800.0089. We’d love to give your firm a free software demo to show how eLuminate can streamline your personal injury firm’s efficiency.

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