Most lead generation companies will send you leads in real time. eGeneration is no different. This means that as soon as a potential client fills out one of our evaluation forms, his or her contact information will be sent to your firm.

Receiving your leads in real time has its benefits, but there are concerns to evaluate as well. If your firm is deciding whether or not to purchase leads from a third-party lead generation company, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of receiving leads in real time.

What is Real-Time Lead Generation?

A real-time lead is a lead that is sent as soon as the lead completes an a contact form. eGen's real-time legal leads are emailed or texted to a firm as soon as the claimant completes our Free Case Evaluation form. The lead's contact information and brief case description are delivered immediately to your firm. If a legal lead generation service does not send real-time case leads, then they may be sending leads that filled out a form hours, days, even months prior.

Why Are Real-Time Leads Important?

As a lead completes our contact form, they are indicating interest in speaking with an attorney. When your firm receives the lead, you can immediately follow up, capitalizing on the fact that they are currently seeking help with a legal claim. If the lead is old, then there is a chance they may no longer need your firm's legal services.

Check out our Pros & Cons list to learn more about real-time leads:

Real-Time Pro: You’ll have an easier time contacting your leads

According to a study done for Harvard Business Review, if you contact your lead within 5 minutes of receiving the lead, you’ll be 10x more likely to get in contact with your lead at all. This means that the best time to contact your lead is the moment you receive it.

Taking your leads in real-time instead of in batches greatly increases your chances of getting in contact with your lead. We recommend trying to contact your lead at least 10 times before giving up on perusing the case, but if you contact the lead immediately after receiving it, it’s far less likely that you’ll need to spend so much time sending follow-up emails or phone calls because you’ll establish a connection right away.

If you want to have the best chance of getting ahold of your lead, you can use our live-transfer system. This connects you to your lead via phone immediately after the lead fills out a contact form. With eGeneration’s live transfer, you are guaranteed communication with your lead (barring any technical malfunctions). This is due to the fact that the lead needs to elect to be transferred before a call is placed to your law office.

Real-Time Pro: You know your lead is looking to file a claim immediately

Real-time leads are great because you know that a claimant is available and ready to speak with an attorney that very day. They may not be ready to file a claim quite yet, but they know that the process is challenging without an attorney and may want to weigh their options.

Because eGeneration’s leads are sent to your firm immediately, you know that your lead is interested in speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. Although 80-90% of our screening questions are answered favorably, you can also set up custom packages for your firm to screen out any leads who already have an attorney or who are already on disability benefits if you have any concerns.

Real-Time Con: You may receive leads while you’re away from the office.

Lead generation companies cannot stop their leads from coming in during certain, less than ideal times of the day, such as late in the evening or early in the morning, or on weekends. This is unfavorable to some attorneys because they do not have staff working 24 hours of the day or on weekends.

Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of leads from eGeneration are sent during normal business hours. Additionally, 84% of the leads sent to clients go out Monday through Friday. This is simply because most people are not filling out our various Social Security disability, personal injury, or other lead generation contact forms in the wee hours of the night or on weekends.

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