Since 2009, eGenerationMarketing has connected millions of claimants with attorneys in their area. As we’ve grown, we’ve added more and more features and resources for our clients. One of our most valuable resources available to clients is our lead and case management software, eLuminate. If your firm isn’t utilizing eLuminate, you may not be as successful with the service as possible. Here are some of the key benefits of using eLuminate:

1. It Allows You to Accurately Evaluate the Service

If you keep eLuminate up to date, you will be able to know exactly how successful you are with the leads you receive from us. With eLuminate, you can record whether you’re interested in pursuing a case, how many cases you ended up signing as clients, and how many clients’ cases you won from the service.

For example, most of our Social Security disability clients see an average cost per desired case for SSD leads of $250 - $350. Considering the average attorney fee for a Social Security attorney is over $3,000, this is an effective method of signing new cases. Some clients who are even more successful have lower CPCs.

2. It Can Help Us Improve Our Lead Quality

If you update eLuminate by marking which cases are pursuable, we can modify our campaigns to ensure that we’re sending our clients the highest-quality leads possible. The majority of our leads come from paid advertisements, but some campaigns yield to higher-quality cases than others. If we see which leads were viable for our clients in eLumiante, we can adjust our campaigns accordingly to give you the best product possible.

3. It’s Easier to Contact Your Leads

Our leads are sent to you via email or live transfer on the phone, but it’s not feasible to contact every lead the second you receive it. With eLuminate, the process of reaching out to your leads is simplified through Mass Actions. With eLuminate, you can send a personalized email to all of your leads at once, whether you need them to return paperwork, remind them for an upcoming hearing, and more.

4. You’ll Have Less Paperwork

eLumiante has a powerful document generator that allows you to eliminate the need to send paperwork to your clients. Your retainer package, standard SSA forms, medical releases for personal injury claims, and more can all be sent through eLuminate.

eLuminate also uses AdobeSign, so you can have your necessary documents signed and returned within a matter of minutes.

5. It’s the Easiest Way to Contest Your Leads

We’ll refund any lead that's obvious spam, is a duplicate sent by eGen, or has a non-valid phone number. Did you receive a lead that you think didn’t belong? You can contest it on eLuminate and your request will be reviewed within one business day.

If you need a refresher on eLuminate and how you can use its features to your firm’s advantage, give us a call today at 617.800.0089. Not a client yet? Not a problem! We’d love to speak with your firm further about lead pricing and availability in your area.

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