Most personal injury firms seek specifically auto accident leads because they can lead to big settlements, and most drivers have insurance. Although it may be tempting to do so, your firm should never toss out other case types you receive through personal injury lead generation. Some personal injury leads can be exceptionally profitable without ever involving a car.

1. Shafer v. Wal-Mart: A $4 Million-Dollar General Liability Victory

According to, USAD Airman Shafer was walking down the toy aisle of his local Wal-Mart when the store’s shelves collapsed, knocking Shafer to the ground and causing a head injury. Due to his serious injuries, Shafer developed a mood disorder and epilepsy and was no longer able to serve in the Air Force. On top of this, Wal-Mart allegedly attempted to destroy photos of the scene of the incident, failed to disclose prior incidents, and delayed release of eyewitness statements. He settled for $4 million for the general liability suit.

2. $25 Million Awarded for Incorrect Diagnosis

In January 2010, Christopher Denton went to the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack. He was checked for artery blockage and his doctor diagnosed him with a minor heart infection and sent him home with antibiotics. Three months later, Denton suffered a massive heart attack. Turns out, his arteries were 70% blocked and the doctor misread the test results. Denton was awarded $25 million, which was later reduced to $2 million, Virginia’s medical malpractice cap.

3. $400,000 for a Slip-and-Fall Accident in K-Mart

In 2008, Karen Troy slipped and fell over freshly waxed floors at K-Mart. She suffered serious back injuries and was unable to work for two years. The lawsuit claimed that an employee was waxing the floors but forgot to set up a “Wet Floor” sign. Due to her lost wages and pain and suffering, a court awarded Troy $399,706.

4. 4.9 Billion Awarded for Negligence and a Faulty Gas Tank

On Christmas Eve in 1993, Patricia Anderson, four children, and a family friend were driving home from church. They were rear-ended, and the fuel tank of their 1979 Chevy Mailbu burst into flames. During the 10-week trial, the jury discovered that General Motors knew about the faulty fuel tank, but chose not to recall the car due to the costs, which were $8.59 per vehicle. This 4.9 billion-dollar settlement, 4.8 billion of which were punitive damages, is one of the most famous personal injury lawsuits of all time.

What Can Your Firm Learn?

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