20 New Marketing Ideas for 2020

Submitted by rsg on Tue, 12/31/2019 - 14:12

Looking for some different ways to change up your marketing in 2020? Check out these different ideas to work in with your traditional marketing in the New Year!

  1. Work With a Charity – Finding a charity to volunteer with or sponsor that aligns with your firm’s area of law can help expose your firm to new clients.
  2. Blog More – If your firm has a blog that gets posted on once every few months, make it a goal to try to post once a week.
  3. Post on Social Media More – Whether your firm has social media accounts sitting by idly or you still haven’t created one, 2020 may be the time to start the regular updates.
  4. Guest Blogging – You should already be guest blogging for your firm. If not, then it’s time to start. Guest blogs can help with your firm’s SEO as well as exposing larger audiences to your firm.
  5. Offer Free Classes or Seminars – Offering different workshops can be an easy and cost-effective way to find new clients. Hosting a night where you discuss the workers’ compensation claims process can help show potential clients why they should work with your firm.
  6. Reevaluate Keywords – You should always be optimizing for keywords. As your goals for 2020 change, make sure the keywords you want to rank for align with those goals.
  7. Video Marketing – Whether you create a YouTube channel, try video advertisements on Facebook or just add videos to your firm’s site, you can use these videos to reach more potential claimants.
  8. Work On Reviews – Ask past and current clients to leave reviews for your firm online (such as on your Google Listing, your firm’s Facebook, etc.).
  9. Try Live Chat – A live chat feature on your firm’s site can help improve conversions as well as free up your intake staff’s time by taking down contact information and a brief case description.
  10. Use Online Forums – Forums are an easy way to show your expertise within your area of law. As you answer questions, you can help promote your firm and build brand visibility.
  11. Update Your Google Listing – You likely already updated your Google business listing, but taking a few minutes to update your information can play a big role in your local SEO and search engine rankings.
  12. Create Infographics - Creating different infographics can help your SEO and help build brand awareness. There are different free services that can help you create the perfect infographic about what to do if you’re in a car accident.
  13. Utilize LinkedIn – Many don’t affiliate LinkedIn with somewhere they can find potential claimants, but when used properly, LinkedIn can be a great source to increase leads.
  14. Case Studies – Publishing case studies on your firm’s site can both help with your SEO and persuade a visitor to work with your firm by showing your successes.
  15. Create a Referral Program – Your past clients may know someone who needs your help. Creating a referral program can help incentivize them to promote your firm to those needing your firm’s assistance.
  16. Update Your Logo – Giving your firm’s logo a face-lift can help refresh your firm’s site and marketing materials.
  17. Update Content – Make it a New Year’s resolution to try to update an older piece of content a week. This can increase your SEO and visibility on search results.
  18. Network – Try to find new networking opportunities in your area. Getting to know potential claimants face to face can help build trust early on or help your firm find opportunities for partnerships and referrals.
  19. Create a Webinar – Creating a free webinar that can be added to your firm’s site will help show your firm is an authority within your area of law and can help influence potential claimants to work with your firm.
  20. Try Lead Generation – Lead generation can take the pressure off your own marketing. eGen currently offers employment law, personal injury, Social Security disability, and workers’ compensation leads. Give us a call at (617) 800-0089 to learn more about on why lead generation should be incorporated into your 2020 marketing.