8 Low Cost Marketing Strategies For Your Firm

As 2018 comes to a close, your firm’s marketing budget may be spent. But that does not mean your marketing efforts have to halt until 2019. Here are some easy and inexpensive marketing strategies that you can implement to continue marketing for your firm while staying on budget.

Ask for Referrals – Don’t be afraid to ask past and current clients to remember to refer you to a friend. If someone had a great experience with your firm, they are likely more than willing to give refer you to others looking for legal help.

5 Mistakes Hurting Your Landing Page

When claimants use a search engine and then clicks on your firm from the results, the URL they land on is called a landing page. Landing pages are often strategically designed to cause a conversion, or in your case, cause someone to reach out to work with your firm. Landing pages can be made and then optimized for specific keywords and phrases or created for paid ad campaigns. But if your firm’s landing pages are not well designed or missing key elements, people may click off your firm’s site. Here are some common landing page mistakes you should always avoid:

Improving Your Firm’s On-Hold Message

70% of business callers are placed on hold for some period of time. Of those placed on hold, around 60% end the call when they are put on-hold and there is no message or music. Of that 60%, 30% won’t even call back.

If you don’t give the potential claimants who are put on-hold a reason to stay on the phone and give them hope of talking to a representative from your firm, they’ll likely hang up. You could be losing out on cases for an inadequate on-hold message or not having one at all. When adding an on-hold message, keep the following tips in mind:

Reasons Your Website is SCARING Away Visitors

While Halloween is a time for scary movies, haunted houses and trick-or-treating, the scaring shouldn’t extend to your firm’s website. If you notice a drop in conversation rate or that your website is losing traffic, there could be some hair-raising issues with your firm’s site. Don’t let your website be one reason visitors runaway scared this Halloween. Use our tips below to turn your website from a freight to a delight.

5 Tips for Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

There are potential clients for your firm everywhere you go. You never know where or when you’ll have to pitch your firm’s services to someone. Your pitch will need to leave these potential clients eager to learn more about your firm and want to work with you. Because of this, having a go-to elevator pitch can help in these unexpected, yet potentially profitable situations. Follow these tips to craft your perfect elevator pitch: