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Like any business, law firms are always searching for more clients. However, some well-known techniques for increasing your caseload, such as purchasing TV, radio, or print ads, can be time-consuming and costly to create. When used to its fullest potential, email can be an inexpensive and quick way to find new clients within your current network.

Here are three contact lists your firm should be emailing to easily identify new potential clients. If you use a software or database of some sort, you should be able to quickly group your contacts into three clearly defined segments like the ones listed below.

1. Previously rejected Cases

Instead of tossing out the names of people who don’t have a great case when you initially speak with them, keep their contact information with a reason for why you rejected them. This way, you can segment your contact list based on the rejection reason and can email them after some time has passed to see if there was a change that results in a better potential case for you.

This is especially useful for identifying potential SSD cases. For example, you may reject a case because the claimant wasn’t being treated by a doctor or didn’t expect to be out of work for twelve months. Sending a quick mass email template to these contacts after a few months have passed is an efficient way to identify any claimants who left work or started seeing a doctor after speaking with you and still want help applying for Social Security disability benefits.

2. Previous clients with a different case type

Some of your clients might actually have more than one potential case. For example, a claimant who filed a personal injury or workers’ comp claim may want to apply for Social Security disability benefits later down the road.

Likewise, someone who applied for SSD may be taking a drug that has been recalled – a potential product liability case. Case management software like eLuminate makes it easy for you to create a list of all of the previous clients who at some point took a specific drug or who applied for disability due to a sudden injury. Sending a simple mass email to this list may uncover a great personal injury case that even your previous client didn’t know was an option.

3. Medical Providers

If you have the email addresses for local medical providers you previously worked with, you could email them and remind them that their patients may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, or, workers’ compensation if they were hurt at work, or even personal injury winnings if hurt at the fault of others.

Emailing these contacts is just a small part of building and maintaining a relationship. You may want to consider offering a referral bonus as an incentive for them to direct clients to your office.

Lastly, emails are a great way to nurture client relationships and encourage personal referrals from your previous clients. Word-of-mouth marketing is completely free, so be sure to keep in touch with clients who were happy with your legal services.

The best part of using mass emails and segmented lists is that even if they don’t spark immediate responses, you may be referred a client months later, or will be the first attorney someone contacts when they believe they have a case.

If you would like to connect with claimants at a faster rate, consider purchasing online leads. Legal lead generation can be a great way to stay within your marketing budget and maintain a steady inflow of new potential clients.

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