4 Reasons We Love SSD Leads

We’ve been a leader in the Social Security lead generation industry for the past decade. While we don’t want to sound biased (we love all of our products), Social Security disability leads do have a special place in our heart. If you’ve never worked with a lead provider before or if you’re simply weighing out your lead provider options, here are some top reasons we love Social Security leads.

Reason #1: They’re Customizable

Most Social Security disability lead providers allow you to customize your SSD lead packages to best suit your firm’s needs—eGen is no exception. When you work with us, you can choose to receive leads in a space as small as a zip code prefix or as large as nationwide. You can also opt into receiving leads within a specific age range, or only take leads that have answered qualifying questions favorably.

Customizing lead packages is a great option for most Social Security firms because it cuts down on your follow up time and guarantees you a higher-quality product than if you received standard, run-of-the-mill leads. The price per lead will raise slightly as you customize your packages, but your higher conversion rate will offset these higher costs.

Reason #2: They Come With Complimentary Support

We pride ourselves on great customer service! No matter how big (or small) your Social Security disability lead campaign is, you’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated account manager. Your contact can ensure your campaigns are targeted successfully, you’re able to use our complimentary lead management software eLuminate, and you’re having success with the leads. If you have any custom documents you’d like to make or any questions on how to use eLuminate, you can always reach out to your account manager for help.

Reason #3: You Can Track Your Success

With eLuminate, you can record which leads you signed as clients and which ones simply didn’t work out for one reason or another. If you update eLuminate and give us feedback on how the leads are performing for you, we can help you be even more successful with your campaign. For example, if we see that you’re simply not converting leads in one of your three states, we can recommend that you pause your campaign in the unsuccessful state and increase your volume elsewhere. If we see that you’re converting a high number of leads from one of our specific PPC campaigns, we can increase our budget to that source to improve our lead quality.

Reason #4: They May Save You Money

Lead generation often has one of the lowest cost per case figures in the marketing industry. Your cost per case is how much you spend to sign one new client. Our clients have an average cost per case for Social Security disability leads of $300-$350, but some clients are even more successful. Considering the average settlement for Social Security attorneys or advocates is more than $3,200, lead generation is highly profitable for most firms who are successful with the product.

To learn more about our Social Security disability lead availability in your area today, simply give us a call today at 617.800.0089.