4 Reasons We Love SSD Leads

We’ve been a leader in the Social Security lead generation industry for the past decade. While we don’t want to sound biased (we love all of our products), Social Security disability leads do have a special place in our heart. If you’ve never worked with a lead provider before or if you’re simply weighing out your lead provider options, here are some top reasons we love Social Security leads.

Data Highlighting in Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a web service offered by Google to help you manage your firm’s online presence. With GSC, you can see what queries users are typing to pull up your firm, how often you’re showing up in search, which pages on your site are indexed properly, and more. If you receive a lot of traffic from Google, one of the best things you can do to help boost your digital presence even more is using the Data Highlighter tool in GSC.

Lead Generation: Expectation VS. Reality

Maybe you’ve never worked with a lead provider, or maybe you’ve been burned by a poor-quality campaign before, but a lot of law firms have reservations with working with a third-party lead provider. If you’re curious about how lead generation can help increase your caseload, here are some common misconceptions about lead generation and a little more information on how it can help your firm.

Expectation: You’ll have to fight 10 other firms to sign a good case first.

Reality: Most lead providers only sell exclusive leads.

How Long Should Your Intake Form Be?

Generating leads online is one of the most affordable digital marketing options for firms of all sizes, particularly ones with small marketing budgets that cannot afford to pay for TV commercials or billboards across a city. One of the biggest challenges attorneys grapple with is just how long to make a digital intake form.

On one hand, a longer form will give you far more information about a potential client. On the other, a shorter firm should yield higher conversions. Here are some tips to help you create the best contact form for your firm’s needs:

What Are Breadcrumbs, And Why Do You Need Them?

Most law firms today invest time in search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is one of the best ways to increase your caseload without paying the sky-high prices of legal keywords on Google AdWords. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of factors that go into determining which law firms rank well on Google. One factor you may not have considered is the site structure of your website and whether you use breadcrumbs.

Should You Text Your Leads?

Lead generation is an effective an inexpensive way to supplement your current caseload. If you’ve ever worked with a lead provider before, you know you’re usually provided with a lead’s phone number and someone from your intake staff will call the lead to discuss his or her case. While calling a lead is always a great idea, you may wonder if you should text your lead as well.

Tips for Optimizing Your Internal Linking Strategy

Internal linking is a critical component to any legal marketing strategy. An internal link is a hyperlink from one page of your site to another page of content on the same domain. Unfortunately, it can be hard to decide where to link pages to, or how you should set up a link on a page. Here are some tips your firm can keep in mind when adding content and linking your pages from one another.

Reasons to NOT Focus on Social Media

Day in and day out you’ll hear marketers tell you that social media should be one of your top priorities for legal marketing in 2019 and beyond. In fact, we’ve written multiple blog posts geared towards helping your social media campaigns take off! But do you really NEED social media? While Facebook and Twitter can be profitable, they’re not a good fit for every law firm. Here are some reasons why you may not want to dive into social media marketing:

Surviving and Recovering From a Google Penalty

It’s every attorney’s worst nightmare: you toil away on your organic search efforts for months, even years, and finally seem to outrank competing firms in your area. Then, just when you’re finally signing a decent number of cases from digital search, the rug is pulled out from under you and a Google algorithm update negatively impacts your organic search. If you’re convinced your traffic loss is due to Google and not seasonal fluctuations, here are some steps you can take to survive: