5 Marketing Resolutions for 2019

Submitted by rsg on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 13:33

As the New Year begins, it’s time for the new resolutions to start as well. Often, resolutions fail or are forgotten about after the first month. But choosing small, realistic goals for 2019 can make way for successful resolutions. This year, take a look at your firm’s marketing strategy. By making some small but powerful resolutions, you can create an even more successful marketing plan. Below are some easy marketing resolutions you can implement to help increase your cases for 2019.

Resolution 1: Blog More

If your firm’s blog has been at a standstill for the majority of 2018, it may be time for a revival. You can create blogs that are relevant to your audience as well as include relevant keywords to your firm’s site. This can help you rank better on search engines as well as help sway potential claimants who visit your firm’s site to work with you.

To keep content new and posts frequent, you can create a blog schedule for some employees in your office. Each week a new member of your office can write a blog they find relevant for your firm’s site. This will take the pressure off of you, but help make sure there is new content up on your firm’s site each week. Plus, you’ll get different perspectives from your firm’s employees, making your content more diverse.

Resolution 2: Get More Social

If your firm has social media accounts but don’t get utilized, you may be missing out on some easy publicity. Actively posting can help build your firm’s brand and show potential claimants what your firm is like through posts and comments.

If your firm posts, but doesn’t engage much with others on social media, try to be more interactive. Reply to relevant comments or answer questions. This can help show that your firm cares. You can follow and connect with organizations that could have potential claimants.

Resolution 3: Get Mobile Friendly

If your firm’s site still isn’t mobile friendly, 2019 is the perfect time to change that. Test your pages on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. If you find pages on your firm’s site that are not mobile friendly, speak with your Webmaster on how they can fix the problem.

Resolution 4: Update Your Site

Slow and steady can help your firm keep this resolution. If a full site renovation seems impossible, try making a schedule or breaking down your firm’s pages of content oldest to newest. Whether you do one a day or one a week, look through each page and update it. If it’s too short, try to add more content based on a keyword you want it to rank for. If it’s outdated, update the content. If you handle Social Security disability cases, make sure each page has 2019’s COLA information. By breaking down the pages that need to be updated into a schedule, a full site update will seem more attainable than taking trying to do it all at once.

Resolution 5: Evaluate Your Leads

If your current lead source isn’t producing high-quality leads or you are looking to increase your caseload, consider finding a new lead generation source. Here at eGeneration, we have Social Security disability, workers’ compensation, personal injury and creditor harassment leads available all over the country. And the best part? Our leads are exclusive! Increasing your caseload can be a resolution you easily maintain throughout the year with the help of eGen. Call us today at (617) 800-0089 for more on pricing and availability in your area!