5 Reasons Why Your Site Isn’t Generating Leads

Online lead generation is one of the most profitable ways to sign more clients to your firm. Unfortunately, you may find that even after you toil over PPC keyword bids and high-quality blog posts, you’re still not generating any leads. Here are 5 reasons why your digital marketing efforts may not yield as many clients as you’d like:

1. You Have No Call To Action

A Call to Action, or CTA, is the text that’s geared towards enticing a user to perform a specific action, which would be call your firm in this scenario. You want to be sure to have a CTA on every page of content on your firm’s website, even simple pages like your “About” or “Contact Us” pages. You want your CTA to be obvious but still flow with your website. If nobody sees a “Contact Us” or “Get Help Today” button, your efforts writing blog posts on how to qualify for Social Security disability with cancer or what to do after a fender bender will go to waste! Here are some CTA examples you can try using on your “Contact Us” form.

2. Your Landing Page is Weak

Landing pages and CTAs go hand in hand. A landing page is the first page a user sees when they navigate to your firm’s website. This is often your homepage, but if you’re creating PPC pages you may have dozens of landing pages for your paid campaigns. If you spend up to $50 for every legal-related keyword, you don’t want to bring users to a poorly designed page with little informative text and a lack of contact information. Testing landing pages is critical to any PPC campaign.

3. Users Can’t Navigate Your Website

User experience is critical for lead generation, especially if your firm practices Social Security disability. Social Security disability claimants are usually 40+ and may experience vision loss. What’s the point of getting traffic to your firm’s website if you leave users with no way to contact your firm or learn more on a subject? A great way to know if you user experience is lacking is by evaluating your bounce rate on Google Analytics.

4. You Don’t Rank Well

While you can pay as much as your heart desires to get to position 1 on Google AdWords, the same cannot be said for SEO efforts. If your site doesn’t rank well, you simply won’t be able to get enough organic traffic to generate a significant number of leads. There are literally hundreds of reasons why your firm doesn’t rank well on Google, but a couple of biggies is the quality of content on your website and the number of backlinks to your firm’s domain. Here’s a little more information on how SEO can help your firm generate leads.

5. You’re Not Diversifying

While it may be tempting to just hunker down in one area of digital marketing (SEO, PPC, social, etc.), keeping your marketing efforts diverse could increase your chances of signing more clients because you’ll have a presence across many platforms. For example, it’s possible to rank multiple times on a single Google search result if your firm has a PPC ad, some organic search results, and images or YouTube listings.

Lead generation is another great way to diversify your marketing efforts and supplement your current caseload. When you work with a lead provider, you’re sent contact information from claimants who need help, in real time. To learn more about our Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and FDCPA leads, give us a call today at 617.800.0089.