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A blog can become one of the most profitable components of your digital marketing strategy. Not only is it an easy place to upload a myriad of content, but it’s a way to connect with potential claimants over an extended period of time through subscriptions. The only issue is you may not know how to tempt more claimants to click on that “subscribe” button. Here are some tips that may help you increase your number of blog subscribers and subsequently your number of cases signed from email marketing efforts.

Make It Easy To Subscribe

Your first step is insuring that any potential claimant who comes to your firm’s site has somewhere to subscribe. You should have some kind of blog subscription box available on every page of your blog. You can also install a widget to be easily accessible on any other page of your firm’s site. Any optimization efforts are futile without subscription accessibility.

Offer Whitepapers

A whitepaper is a downloadable piece of content geared towards helping a claimant with their issue. When you offer a whitepaper, you need to ensure that it’s unique from what someone may find on their own. For example, a two-page whitepaper explaining the differences between SSDI and SSI would not be appropriate. An exhaustive list of the resources and document templates a parent would need before applying for SSI on behalf of a child, however, would fit the bill. You can offer a whitepaper as a downloadable resource for users who choose to subscribe to your blog. While you can’t guarantee they won’t immediately unsubscribe, it’s a viable option for firms with the time to generate high-quality content.

Guest Blog Elsewhere

A major way to gain a local (or nationwide!) following is by guest blogging. When you guest blog on a relevant organization’s blog and include your byline, readers of said domain will see you as an expert in your legal industry. A potential example of how you could guest blog to get your own subscribers would be to write an article on qualifying for SSDI benefits with cancer for a local cancer nonprofit. Your blog will help countless confused families, you’ll get a link to your firm’s site, and you’ll be the first person someone facing a cancer diagnosis will turn to.

Add “Extras”

You often need to give an incentive to gain blog subscribers. One way to do this is to offer a free case evaluation after someone subscribes to your blog and provides his or her email address. What if your firm gives free case evaluations regardless? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is you’re incentivizing readers to subscribe to your blog as well as gaining new inbound interest for your legal services. So long as claimants feel they’re treated fairly and still receive an outstanding evaluation, they won’t have any issues to subscribing to your blog.

Once you’ve gained a blog following, it’s important to not spam them with garbage. Nobody wants to subscribe to a weekly email encouraging them to call your firm about a potential personal injury or workers’ compensation case. While it’s important to remind them that your firm can handle their legal woes, send your blog subscribers beneficial information. If you foster a win-win relationship with your website visitors and blog subscribers, you’ll find that your blog can become far more profitable.

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