Why did you go to law school?

You see “The Paper Chase” or “A Few Good Men”, and think, “That’s me… I could do that”. You attend undergrad and eventually confront the maze that is the LSAT. Many days and nights pass with frustrated attempts at logic games and analytical reasoning questions. You run out of time. You get faster. You run out of time again. It’s a test with complex material and it is designed for you to not finish. But then the day arrives, and five or six hours of testing passes by like a dream (perhaps more like a nightmare).

Marketing Tips From Florida

The Sunshine State: one of the most litigious states in our union and the third largest by population. It’s estimated that Florida has over 80,000 practicing attorneys, making it one of the most competitive legal advertising spaces. While there are many things that make Florida unique, there are also universal lessons to be learned from a marketing standpoint.


Most people are under the impression that Florida only has one season – some kind of eternal summer. In reality, the four seasons are Tourist, Spring Break, Hurricane, and Snowbird…

Taking On Premises Liability Leads

eGeneration sells a general personal injury lead. The case types we generate vary widely, although the majority of the leads are auto accidents and premises liability. Many personal injury attorneys are attracted to motor vehicle accident claims because the value tends to be more clear-cut. While the cost of a damaged vehicle or hospitalization is rather straightforward, many premises liability cases contain equally concrete damages to the claimant and their livelihood. Here are a few facts and figures that might change your approach to these types of cases.