Taking On Premises Liability Leads

eGeneration sells a general personal injury lead. The case types we generate vary widely, although the majority of the leads are auto accidents and premises liability. Many personal injury attorneys are attracted to motor vehicle accident claims because the value tends to be more clear-cut. While the cost of a damaged vehicle or hospitalization is rather straightforward, many premises liability cases contain equally concrete damages to the claimant and their livelihood. Here are a few facts and figures that might change your approach to these types of cases.

Medical Costs

To start, fall injuries are expensive. They’re the most common reason for visiting the ER, and the average hospital bills following a fall incident are estimated to be more than $30,000. The most severe injuries associated with falls include hip fractures and brain damage. The CDC estimates more than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling. Furthermore, the CDC reports that falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). It is certainly fair to say that many falls do not cause injuries, but the current estimates suggest that one in five falls causes a serious injury such as a broken bone or a head injury.

Loss of Earnings

Outside of soaring medical bills, the estimated value of a premises liability case can include the claimant’s loss of earning capacity and loss of future earnings. It is reported by the National Floor Safety Institute that slip and fall injuries represent the primary cause of lost days from work. On average, a slip and fall victim will miss 11 days of work; in some instances they may suffer a lifetime of lower productivity and work restrictions. The loss of future earnings is obviously detrimental to one’s quality of life. If these claimants are not fairly compensated, ancillary damages like loss of consortium or pain and suffering will be further exacerbated.

Who is Most Affected?

If you are considering taking on more premises liability cases, a particularly vulnerable population to be aware of is the elderly. The CDC reports that one in three individuals over the age of 65 falls per year. As a result, the elderly are hospitalized due to fall injuries at around five times more than they are for other injuries. For people over the age of 65, current figures approximate $30 billion per annum in medical costs related to slip and falls. Needless to say, the elderly are disproportionately subjected to the negligence of grocery stores, restaurants, and the various premises where a slip and fall incident might occur. Consider this demographic when you’re looking at marketing campaigns or website information that might be read by your potential clients.

There are many factors that can impact the viability of a premises liability case, like proof of negligence or the jurisdiction that the incident occurred in. However, fault is something that will be wrestled with in any personal injury case. Many firms shy away from premises liability due to a perception that they are cases of lesser value, but the above statistics would strongly disagree. With a general personal injury lead, you’ll be able to take on cases with serious value, for a much lower price point than auto accident only leads. Reach out today to see what we can provide in your state!

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