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If you are an attorney or advocate who represents claimants before the Social Security Administration, you are probably well aware of how claimants’ ages affect your chances of winning cases. Recent trends in ODAR approval rates have reflected the SSA’s increasing vigilance in restricting benefits to younger claimants.

These trends have prompted many Social Security Disability firms to incorporate more selective marketing approaches. Online lead generation is one of the few avenues in which you can specifically target your desired age range.

Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)

If you purchase leads from eGeneration, you have the ability to configure custom packages to filter claimants based on their age. Although screening out younger claimants can yield more viable cases within your intake, your firm’s cost-per-lead (CPL) must be taken into account when deciding what kind of package to utilize.

When given the option to create a custom lead package, it can be enticing to implement restrictive filters that eliminate any intake outside your ideal criteria. Although rational in theory, this strategy is not the most pragmatic method. Since custom packages are priced upon the percentage of leads that are filtered out, stringent screening can run up the cost. The optimal approach toward any type of marketing is finding a balance between screening and price.

Cost-Per-Case (CPC)

Our ultimate goal at eGeneration is to facilitate the lowest cost-per-case acquisition (CPC) for your firm. While our pay-per-lead service doesn’t require any long-term commitment, we have built long standing client relationships based on our dedicated investment into identifying the most cost-effective package for each firm.

Your cost-per-case acquisition figure is the best metric to use when evaluating your marketing campaigns because it can be applied to any avenue (TV, radio, print, etc.). CPC is found by calculating the amount of money spent on a campaign divided by the number of cases derived from it.

It is vital to factor in how your conversion rate with the leads will influence your CPC. A highly screened package must be accompanied by a high conversion rate in order for you to attain an attractive CPC.

Don't Miss Out On Potential Clients

Another factor to keep in mind when considering age screening your Social Security leads is the risk that you may filter out viable cases. Although it is more likely for the average 60 year old claimant to win benefits than the average 40 year old claimant, do you really want to pay extra money to avoid 40 year old claimants that meet the SSA’s criteria?

Paying a premium to screen out younger claimants can not only run up your budget, it can also funnel viable clients away from your firm and towards others in your market. Adhering to the best practices of target marketing is an easy way to save a potential source of revenue for your firm and remain competitive with the other firms in your city or state.


As an attorney or advocate with expertise in Social Security Disability law, you already have the most effective screening measure in place. No matter what type of lead package you decide to use, it is your firm’s client preferences that ultimately determine whether you retain a lead. Thus, a prudent approach toward lead package configuration can always be reinforced by the guidelines you provide your staff.

If you have the resources to promptly and persistently follow-up with leads, you won’t need to overcompensate for recent ODAR trends with an excessively screened package. Using the strategies detailed above can still implement sufficient filters while maintaining a feasible cost- per-lead. Understanding the balance between screening and price is the key to maximizing your return on investment with any lead generation products, including eGeneration’s Social Security Disability leads.

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