How To Avoid Boring Content

If you’re writing new content for your firm’s site each week, it’s easy to get into a rut. Content can then reflect this, and become less entertaining or factual over time. This can impact a potential claimant’s decision to work with your firm. If you’re boring your reader, then it’s likely they’ll seek the information and even legal help elsewhere. To avoid this, follow these tips to keep your content far from boring.

Get A New Perspective

Mixing up your content ideas and where they are generated from can help liven up your blog and might inspire some new ideas. Talk to people in different departments of your firm and see if they have any content ideas or suggestions. Someone from your intake staff just might have a creative idea that didn’t cross your mind!

Think Outside the Box

Though your content still needs to be relevant for your readers, try to step outside your bubble and come up with some diverse ideas. What is happening in your city or state? Right now, baseball is in full swing. Write an article on lessons from baseball for your disability application. This could include tips like your third-base coach (the applicant’s lawyer) knows best or if you strike out (initial application is denied) try again (reapply!) and so much more! You’ll have an article on relevant tips for your audience but is presented in a new, entertaining way.

Break It Up

Don’t write in one long block text. Break your information up into paragraphs. Use headers and different fonts and styles to engage the reader. Even if you right a spectacular piece of content but it’s presented in just one big paragraph, a potential claimant may not even give reading it the time of day. You need to look your content also look appealing to entice a visitor to read it.

See What Isn’t Working

Take a look at the content that is already on your firm’s site. Are there blog posts with a high bounce rate? Take a look at these blogs to see if there are any trends. Are they all blogs about how specific conditions qualify for disability benefits? Maybe they don’t have headers? By seeing what articles visitors are not reading, you can then avoid making the same mistakes as well as edit current content to reduce their bounce rate.

Be Authentic

Generic content is boring. Adding authenticity will help readers get to know you a little more. Authentic content can show potential claimant that you are an expert on this topic. Even if you are writing an article that most other firm’s have on their sites, adding some personal touches can help make it less generic. For example, you can add in how your firm used some unconventional evidence in a personal injury claim into a piece of content on the evidence needed for a successful PI lawsuit. Your article will stand out from the standard articles on other firm’s sites.

While using these tips to avoid boring content, you may find the need to supplement your marketing efforts with lead generation. To find out more about our Social Security disability, creditor harassment, personal injury, or workers’ compensation leads, give us a call today at 617.800.0089!