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When I speak to clients, I find that they can be categorized into two groups. The first half of clients know everything about their account – how it’s set up, where they’re getting leads from, what their lead volume is, how many leads they’re converting, and so on. The other half of clients don’t know how their accounts are set up, what new features we have that they can benefit from, or how they’re doing with the leads.

I believe that the clients who are more proactive about their accounts get more out of the service than clients who aren’t. Each account comes with a representative from Client Services, and we want you take full advantage of the service. Therefore, I would encourage each client to make the most use of their Client Services team member, and therefore get the most for their money.

I: Statistics on lead quality

First, ask us statistics about your lead quality. We can run reports on our end to help you analyze the type of leads you’re receiving. For example, we can tell you how old your leads are, what hours of the day most of them are coming in at, or what percentage of leads are answering favorably to our screening questions.

The more information you have about your leads, the more informed decisions you can make. For instance, if you see a trend in leads coming in at a certain hour, perhaps you would want to manage your staff in a way that they would be available to call those leads at those times. Or, suppose you’ve been seeing a lot of leads in their 20s and are considering adding an age filter to your package. You might think twice before doing that if you see the numbers and realize that the grand majority of leads are within an appropriate age bracket for you, so adding a filter would only increase your cost-per-case.

II: eLuminate help

Second, ask us to help you with eLuminate. If you’re purchasing leads, you’re already getting up to 5 free user accounts in eLuminate, our online lead and case management software. Therefore, you might as well test it out, as it can help you keep track of your leads.

Some clients tell me that they don’t have time to look at eLuminate. In that case, ask us to help you use eLuminate properly. If you give us about half an hour to an hour, we can walk you through the main points of eLuminate, and moving forward, we are always happy to answer any eLuminate questions you might have.

For example, if you are too busy to update the lead result for each lead, send us a list of leads you’ve converted, and we’ll update your eLuminate account for you. This can help us run reports on our end to increase your lead quality, as well as give you any suggestions so you can succeed with the service.

Or, if you see yourself using eLuminate, let us know if you need any customizations. The great thing about the software is it is completely customizable, so we are always ready to create any custom fields or views you would like, to help your business run smoothly. Likewise, if you have any custom documents that you would like uploaded to the account so they could be electronically generated and signed, send them over, and we’ll configure that to your account as well.

III: Company updates

Third, ask us about our company updates and how they might benefit you. For example, we now have the live-transfer system, which can help attorneys increase their contact rate with their claimants. In eLuminate, by the beginning of 2016, we expect to have workflow automation that will help automate tasks, emails, reminders, and more. Also, we are working on revamping our homepage to give you a succinct snapshot of your recent actions and activities.

In short, let us help you be well familiarized with your account. We will check in with you, but you are also always welcome to check in with us. This will not only help you evaluate the success of the service, but it will also help you figure out how you can get the most out of the service.

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