What is Click to Call & Why Should I Have It?

Submitted by rsg on Thu, 12/13/2018 - 10:37

‘Click to call’ may seem like a simple feature for your firm’s site, but it can have a big impact your visitor’s contacting your firm from your site. In a nutshell, click to call simply means that when visitors are on your site on a mobile device, they can click on the phone number listed and their phone will automatically prompt the user to call your law firm.

Why Is It Important?

‘Click to call’ makes it much easier to get in touch with your firm. It’s been found that sites that use click to call can have up to a 200% increase in call conversion rate*. If someone is on your firm’s site, it means they are actively looking for an attorney. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone interested in working with your firm to contact you.

With click to call, someone wanting to contact your firm then doesn’t have to write down your phone number and dial it, running the risk of typing the wrong number. If a potential claimant can just click on your number and immediately contact your firm, they may be more influenced to work with your firm because it’s so easy to get connected with a member of your intake staff.

Who Does It Impact?

With over 60% of online searches coming from mobile devices, click to call impacts everyone. If your firm handles personal injury cases, you’ll especially want to make sure your phone number is visible and click to call works. If someone who was just in a car accident is seeking legal assistance with a personal injury claim immediately after the accident, he or she is likely not near a landline and is using a cell phone. Make it easy for your potential claimants to instantly contact you when actively seeking out legal help.

How Can I Use It?

There a few ways click to call can be incorporated on your firm’s site. You can have the phone number be a link, with the anchor text as you firm’s number. Make sure this is easy to spot. You can also create a button for visitors to click and call your site. This could be something like a picture of a telephone icon with ‘click to call’ written on the button. For Social Security disability attorneys, an icon may be a more viable option. The icon tends to be bigger, making it easier for older users with worsening eyesight to find and click.

How Do I Make a Number Clickable?

Making a number clickable is fairly simple. In HTML, you’ll use the standard link tab. You’ll just need to type <a href=" "></a>. Add tel:your number as well as the anchor text and your done! (<a href="tel:6718000089">617-800-0089</a>). If done correctly, your number should look like this: 617-800-0089.

Some hosting sites, such as WordPress, have a Call Now Button plugin you can add as well. If you have a website designer, they can help with some more creative click to call options as well! Most mobile devices will now recognize a phone number and make the number clickable themselves, but if someone is on an older phone it may not be capable of doing so.