Clickbait Titles For Your Firm to Try

Submitted by Rachel on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 18:02

Clickbait often gets a bad rap. It can often be attributed to spam. But when done right, using a clickbait titles may actually help your firm increase traffic to your firm’s site. A study* once found that the headlines analyzed in the study that received the most clicks were the most polarizing headlines. Based on this study, if you create more attention-grabbing headlines, your firm may see more clicks to you site, increasing traffic and possibly leads. To properly use clickbait titles, you’ll first need to understand what clickbait actually is.

What is Clickbait?

Clickbait is intended to attract an audience to a piece of content by making the content look more attractive than it might be. This is what can make clickbait titles successful. They should create curiosity about the information within the article through a flashy title. Often, exaggerations are added into the titles to help catch reader’s eye.

Law firms can use clickbait titles and still maintain a professional website. These titles do not always have to be overly flashy or seem like spam. Here are some different examples of clickbait titles your firm can use on your site!


Listicles include a specific number of something. This something can be tips, things to do, etc. Using a number can help grab the attention of a reader. These all can lead to a list described in the title. Here is how to use listicles as clickbait:

  • X Things You Need to Do Before Applying for Disability Benefits
  • X Signs You’re Experiencing Wage Theft
  • X Reasons Why You Should File an Employment Law Claim


You can use the terms “You” and “I” in your clickbait titles to add personalization, making the article feel like you’re starting a conversation with the reader. To do so, try:

  • How I Helped Clients Get Disability Benefits on the First Try
  • You Need This When Filing a Personal Injury Claim


Using different adjectives to create excitement and bring life into a boring headline is another form of clickbait. You can take a mundane title and make it better with simply adding some strong adjectives:

  • Shocking Evidence For Your PI Claim
  • Unbelievably Illegal Ways Employers Commit Wage Theft

New Ideas

Introducing a new idea or creating the idea that your firm’s article is introducing a new topic is another form of a clickbait title. Some examples are:

  • You’ll Never Guess Why This Claim Was Approved
  • You Never Thought of Adding This to Your SSD Claim

Using Clickbait Titles

When it comes time to implement your clickbait title, the most important thing is to make sure the content will match. If your title is polarizing, but the content does not match the topic of the title, then you may see an increase in bounce rate on your firm’s site as people click away. It’s the job of the clickbait title to get people to your firm’s site, but the content must then keep them there. If your content doesn’t deliver, then it’s likely that your clickbait title will do more harm then good to your firm’s site.