8 Content Ideas for a Social Security Disability Firm

Submitted by rsg on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 14:35

Frequently updating your firm’s site with new content can help your firm rise in the SERPs. But, sometimes you may hit writer’s block and just can’t think of a new topic to write about. When this happens to you, look no further. Below are some content ideas that can help keep your creative juices flowing and your firm’s site up to date.

1. 2019 COLA Updates

Write a blog about the COLA updates for 2019 and how they may impact a Social Security disability claim. Go over the new changes and how they can help someone qualify that may not have been able to qualify in 2018 or earlier. Clients will be thrilled to read about how their payments are increasing thanks to these updates!

2. 2018 Recap

How was 2018 for your firm? Did you have a record number of new clients work with you? How may claimants that you worked with were approved for benefits? How many were approved on their initial application? Summing up your past year’s accomplishments can help persuade new clients to work with you.

3. The Perfect Application

Discuss what’s needed for the perfect disability application. Go over the basic details of the application and what information is needed where. Here is the time to mention if there is anything that can help boost their application and chances of approval.

4. Medical Evidence

Since claims are often denied due to lack of medical evidence and documentation, use your blog as a space to educate your clients on what they need from their doctor to support their claim. You can even break this down even further and do a whole series. Pick some conditions your firm often works with or would like to work with and write a piece of content for each condition on the specific test results and medical records needed to qualify with that condition.

5. Denied Claims

Write a piece of content on why disability claims are often denied. Incorporate ways an applicant can avoid making these same mistakes, increasing the chances of approval.

6. Tips

“Tip” pages often rank well on Google. You can write a variety of tip blog posts. You can do a generic “Tips for Applying for Disability” or even break it down by condition. Plus, tip pages are usually great jumping points to create evergreen content, or content that should be relevant for years. You shouldn’t have to worry about going back to update the information often.

7. How To

Similarly to tips, “How To” pages can also rank well on Google SERPs as well as become evergreen content. There are a lot of different “How To’s” you can write. “How To Apply for Disability Benefits”, “How To Prepare for a Disability Trial”, “How To Work With a Social Security Disability Attorney”, and “How To Appeal Your Denied Disability Claim” are all examples of “How To’s” that can boost your firm’s blog traffic.

8. Reasons To Work With a Lawyer

Write a piece of content on why someone should work with a disability attorney or advocate when filing for disability benefits. The goal of your firm’s site is to get a potential claimant to contact you, so post a piece of content outlining the benefits of working with legal representation. A convincing post may prompt someone to contact your firm!