What Do Cyclists and Lawyers Have in Common?

Submitted by Nadya on Thu, 07/25/2019 - 12:34

Boston is becoming a more bike friendly city. Although traffic is always terrible and summer is hot, construction workers continue to add bike lanes to major roads. For those who love to cycle, this is great news! As I watch the cyclists rush by, I can’t help but notice that there are quite a few similarities between cyclists and lawyers. As a disclaimer, I’m not a cyclist myself, but here’s what my cycling friends have been telling me.

There’s always the uphill and the downhill

Some cyclists like to ride to and from work, which may combine to 5 miles per day. Other cyclists like to go on a leisurely ride after work on a bike path. Then there are cyclists who go on 50-100 mile bike rides during the weekend and explore the cities or towns around them. Some of my friends do the latter quite frequently, and they get to enjoy lovely places outside of Boston, like Rockport, Ipswich, or Walden Pond.

While they love cycling and choose to go on long distance rides, there’s no doubt that the rides are difficult. They take all day, there are hills, and the heat and sun beam down. They have to be careful about cars, pedestrians, and not getting into accidents. Cycling at least 50 miles in one day also takes incredible strength, and their muscles are sore. With all of that said, they continue to cycle because it makes them happy.

Likewise, lawyers can decide which route to take, but there will be challenges along the way regardless of their chosen route. Some may prefer to work at a large firm. This can help with finances and getting your name out there, but it could also give you less freedom. Other lawyers might prefer to be solo practitioners. This gives you all of the flexibility in the world, but can make it more difficult to scale if you don’t have the right resources. However, if you push yourself to continue going further up the hills and not quit, it will make the experience enjoyable.

You need to maintain your fitness

As with any sport or hobby, staying fit and being prepared is key. Cyclists need to make sure their bodies are strong, stretched, and ready for the long distance ahead of them. Fluids and protein bars are essential for the journey.

Additionally, the cyclists’ bikes need to be maintained and ready in case things go wrong. The bikes have to be in good condition, the tires need to be inflated, and an emergency toolkit should be prepared. For most cyclists, the toolkit includes a spare tube, a pair of tire levers, a pump, and a set of Allen wrenches. Of course it’s best when those are small.

Similarly for your firm, you need to ensure that it functions properly and is always fine-tuned. It’s best to be prepared instead of throwing yourself on a 50 mile ride when the most you had previously done was a 5 mile ride. Before you begin accepting a large number of cases, make sure your intake and follow up procedures are in place. If you don’t have a lead and case management software, definitely get one. Many softwares can be customized, so spend some time setting yours up to best fit your firm’s needs.

Just like a cyclist periodically evaluates his/her strength and cycling equipment, check in with your staff, software, and procedures. Take time to evaluate your firm and any maintenance that needs to be made to ensure that you can travel the long distance.

You’re doing what you love

Cyclists and lawyers are (or at least should be) passionate about what they’re doing! Just as you make the choice to cycle, you also make the choice to practice law. Hopefully, your passion outweighs any of the challenges.

My cycling friends tell me that long rides are great because they get to explore, see new scenery, and ride through nature. Cycling is an activity they can do by themselves or with different people. It’s great to be doing something that they know is helping their health, both physically and mentally. It’s every kid’s first symbol of freedom, and something about that sticks. When they’re able to accomplish riding the long distances, everything else in life just seems easier.

Lawyers may love their profession for any number of reasons. Perhaps you’re passionate about justice and making sure laws are upheld for the community and citizens. Maybe you love working on socially significant cases where a lot is at stake and the cases will help shape future laws. Or, you could be detail-oriented and love small nuances. Diving into contracts and details of a case to find that small detail you’re looking for could bring you so much joy. Perhaps you love helping people, no matter how big or small the case is, when they come to you at a desperate time.

It’s important to keep the passion in mind so that you’re doing your best work. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the challenges of being a lawyer and forget why you chose this profession, go back to the beginning. Think about why you went to law school and if your current practice upholds your values.

Need some help?

Many cyclists enjoy going on group rides or riding with a friend. It makes the journey more enjoyable, as you have someone to share your passion with. Likewise, your group or buddy always has your back – he/she can show you new routes, keep you company during the ride, or call for help if there’s an accident.

Similarly, think about a buddy to help your firm grow. If you’re busy speaking with claimants, keeping track of your cases, and going to hearings, you might not have time to invest in growing your digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, consider turning to a lead generation company, like eGen, for your digital marketing needs.

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