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Your legal practice has a custom website, a growing social media presence, and cases on the docket; digital marketing success, right?

Not necessarily – you could be unintentionally keeping your law firm’s marketing strategy from reaching its full potential by making one of these common digital marketing mistakes. Applicable to both big picture strategy and the day-to-day marketing decisions, these tips can help scale your firm’s case volume.

Mistake #1: Relying on Organic Interest

It’s tempting to set up a website to attract inbound interest and stop there. Your firm’s website is a great way to tap into the consumer base that is already in some way aware of your practice, but what about the much larger portion of potential clients that don’t know which law firm to choose? Or those that don’t know they need an attorney in the first place? This is where lead generation, affiliate, and referral marketing sources become incredibly valuable.

At eGenerationMarketing, for example, we offer highly-targeted legal case leads to attorneys and advocates who handle Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and Employment Law violation cases. By supplementing your in-house marketing efforts with a lead generation service, you can rely on a steady stream of case volume for your firm.

Mistake #2: “Setting and Forgetting” Successful Campaigns

There is something to be said for not messing with success – but in the digital marketing world, there’s always room for improvement. After all, search rankings, cost-per-click, and ad conversion rates depend not only on what you do, but also on what your competitors are doing. Staying competitive in the legal marketing space requires a significant amount of campaign maintenance, especially to your top performing campaigns.

Launching a new campaign may be the exception to this rule. For new campaigns, you’ll want to allow a bit of time for it to prove itself and accrue enough data before you think about pulling the plug. Depending on the scale of your marketing efforts, however, this could be anywhere from one day to a whole month.

Mistake #3: Favoring a Sample Size

When evaluating a marketing campaign’s performance, how do you know whether to use a wide or narrow scope? Do you want to look at year-to-date data, month-to-month, or data from just this week? Too small a scale can drive marketing decisions that aren’t indicative of your campaign’s true strengths. Conversely, too large a data set will obscure the trends that, with proper response, could pay off big in the long run.

Many marketers make optimization decisions based on data from one level or the other; instead, it’s better if each decision takes both the macro and micro performance into account.

Mistake #4: Underutilizing the Analytics Suite

Data should be at the foundation of every marketing decision your law firm makes. If you’ve launched an internet marketing campaign without the means to track the details of its performance, you’ll be left scratching your head, no matter how it performs. The only way to build on a campaign’s success, or redeem its failure, is to make full use of the data you’ve collected. Tracking how a lead transitions to a client to a closed case will help you streamline your client acquisition strategy in the future.

Firms can track marketing output with a web-hosted service with limited free features like Google Analytics, or with customizable case and lead management software like the one we offer our clients, eLuminate. With powerful reporting features, auto-generated documents, time-stamped notes, and email templates, eLuminate is the CRM built to fit seamlessly into your law firm’s workflow.

For more information on how to better manage your cases and clients with a CRM system like eLuminate, or to learn how to scale your firm with our SSDI, PI, WC, or employment law leads, feel free to contact us at 617.800.0089.

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