Don’ts For Legal Marketing

You often hear about what you should be doing in terms of marketing for your firm. But what about what you shouldn’t do. Below are some things to avoid while marketing your firm:

Don’t Overuse Legal Jargon

In your various campaigns, don’t overuse legal jargon. Your audience likely did not attend law school, so advertisements with too much legal jargon may confuse potential claimants. This may ultimately deter them from working with your firm. Your average Joe may not know what it means to work on a contingency fee basis or what a statute of limitations is. Use different phrases that are easier for most to understand instead. Saying something like “we don’t get paid until you receive compensation” or “there is a time limit to file your claim” get the same point across.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

The only way to know what really works best is to test and retest. Trying something new can unlock new marketing opportunities for your firm. Maybe you’ve never tried PPC or want to put a billboard on a different highway in town. You can even change something as simple as the color of your call to action on your firm’s website. If you do make changes or try something new, always track your results to help determine what is profitable for your firm and what is not.

Don’t Forget About Your Community

The community surrounding your firm can be an easy way to advertise (and it’s inexpensive!). Pay attention to local events and see how your firm can help. Local road race happening? Have some members of your personal injury firm sign to run and wear shirts with your phone number! Is there a fundraiser in town to raise money for a cancer organization? Donate a raffle or volunteer at the event! Putting your name out in the community through volunteering can help find new clients and show your firm cares.

Don’t Overspend on Campaigns You Aren’t Tracking

TV and billboard ads can be expensive. Though they may produce some leads for your firm, if you don’t track the success of these marketing campaigns and ads, how are you able to know which were successful? If you are overspending on campaigns without monitoring how much you’re spending to sign one new client, you may be taking funds away from more successful campaigns. Put a system in place to track the success of these campaigns.

Don’t Send Mixed Messages

When working on a campaign, it’s important to be consistent on all fronts. If you have a billboard advertising your firm as a workers’ compensation firm but are simultaneously running a TV commercial advertising your firm as a personal injury firm, it may be confusing. Even if your firm practices in different areas of law, keep your campaigns cohesive to keep your brand messaging consistent.

Don’t Neglect Your Intake

An effective intake staff is the final key for successful marketing campaigns. You can pour thousands of dollars into your marketing and advertising efforts, but if your intake staff isn’t converting the leads into actual clients, your money may be wasted. Have a structure for your intake staff to make sure leads are being tracked and follow ups are happening immediately.

Next time you begin a new marketing campaign keep these “don’ts” in mind. By doing so, you can make sure your firm avoids mistakes that could be costing you thousands.