Email Marketing and SEO

When you think of sending out a mass email, your concerns are mainly with the open rate, number of responses, number of clicks, how many people subscribe/unsubscribe, etc. The impact your mass email has on your SEO may not be the first thought that crosses your mind, if at all. But, there are some ways your firm’s SEO can benefit from your email marketing campaigns.

Archiving Newsletters

The content of your firm’s emailed newsletters is often a wealth of information. By posting them to your firm’s website, Google can index them. Then, if the content fits a search query, your firm’s site may appear in these results. If you send out a newsletter regularly, then the frequent archiving of it onto your firm’s site will help keep the content fresh and show Google your site is active.

Social Media

Adding a link to your firm’s social media accounts can help entice social media engagement. It will make it easier for those who receive the email to like or share your firm’s social media accounts by directly linking to them. Though Google now says that social signals (things like Facebook likes and shares) doesn’t outright impact your SEO, some think that it can have some influence. As people interact with your firm’s social media accounts, they may then proceed to your firm’s actual site or post links to your firm’s site on their own websites.

Bounce Rate

You should always link to your firm’s site within your emails. But when someone clicks on your website from the email and then clicks away from the site, this effects the overall bounce rate. If someone clicks away just seconds after landing on your firm’s site, then this will tell Google that the information was not relevant to what the user is looking for. The faster the bounce rate, the bigger thumbs down your firm’s site will get from Google.

When you link to your firm’s site in your email, make sure the landing page is relevant to the email. If you are sending out an email about your firm’s personal injury services but link to a page on your firm’s workers’ compensation expertise then those who click the link in the mass email may find the information is not relevant to their needs and click off right away. Make sure you link to pages that have quality and relevant information for those receiving your email. You can even create specific landing pages to link to in your mass email to help reduce your overall bounce rate.

Link Building

If you have a piece of content that you think may make a great resource for link building, include a link to it in your mass email. Did you do a recent case study on one of your works’ compensation cases? Or just posted a fantastic piece of content on qualifying for disability benefits that you think others will love as well? Add links to them in your mass emails (if they are relevant, remember bounce rate!). More people will then see the pieces of content faster. This can then help increase the speed you get links to that page faster.

By keeping these factors in mind next time you work on your email marketing, you can not only help increase the success of the email, but the success of your firm’s website! Taking the time to add a few extra touches to your emails can help impact your firm’s overall marketing efforts.