How to Generate Higher Quality Leads

Submitted by Rachel on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 15:16

Lead generation can be tricky. Once you implement your lead generation campaigns, whether it be from content generation or paid search, you should see an increase in leads. But implementing these new campaigns does not always mean an increase in quality leads. You may find that your firm is beginning to generate low quality leads. This can waste both your firm’s time and money. Use the following steps to better your lead generation campaigns, increasing your qualified leads.

Step 1: Define “Quality Lead”

Before you can tweak your firm’s campaigns, you will need to establish what a “quality lead” is to your firm. Think of what is important to your firm. Do you find success with a certain age range for Social Security disability clients, or with a specific accident type for personal injury leads? Once you’ve established what a quality lead is to your firm, then you can begin finding ways to generate these target leads.

Step 2: Refine Your Qualifying Questions

Implementing qualifying questions is a simple way to help increase and then maintain lead quality. Taking what you’ve defined as a quality lead for your firm, update your questions to your intake form based on these qualities. The questions you ask will depend on the information your firm is looking for. If you are a personal injury attorney, you may want to ask questions about the accident in question. An employment law firm may choose to ask questions about the type of case.

Step 3: Tracking Leads

Tracking leads is one of the most important steps. If you do not track which leads turned to clients, which campaigns they were generated from and how they answered your qualifying questions then you will miss out on important data. By tracking and understanding this data, you can then make changes to your campaigns. You can use a lead and case management system to help track you leads and cases, making it easier to run reports and gather this data.

Step 4: Make Changes

With the data you’ve learned in step 3, you can then begin adjusting your various lead generation campaigns as well as implementing new ones. This may mean pausing paid search campaigns that were producing low-quality leads or adding more content to your firm’s site that is related to pages that have a high conversion rate. In addition to making changes to your campaigns, you may also want to test new qualifying questions in your intake form. As you test different qualifying questions, you may find an increase in conversions or find new insights on your leads.

Step 5: Try a Lead Generation Service

This process of generating higher quality leads can take some time. You’ll need to generate a large enough sample size of leads before making any conclusions on your campaigns. Depending on your campaign, it can take weeks or months to produce a large sample size (such as a sample size of 50 leads). Working with a lead generation service is a viable solution if you want to supplement your marketing efforts while working on these campaigns or just do not have the time to go through these steps.

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