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Expanding your practice into a new state or city is both exciting and scary. One of the biggest challenges will be growing your caseload within this new location. Fortunately, there are different ways to generate leads when expanding your law firm. Here are a few ways:


One quick way to begin generating cases in your new location is through paid search. You can begin running ads in your new state as well as bid on keywords that are specific to your new location (such as Minnesota Social Security lawyer, Minneapolis Disability attorney). Depending on your area of law and the location you are expanding into, there may be a high competition for keywords. This means that ad costs mays increase. As you start these new campaigns, watch them closely to monitor spend and lead quality.

Landing Pages

On your firm’s website, you should now include landing pages specific to the locations you are now serving. Add in a variety pages about the state or city. For example, if you’ve expanded into taking cases in New York, you may have a page titled New York Personal Injury Lawyers with information about your firm as well as a page on New York Auto Accident Claims that discusses NY state laws that are relevant for auto accident personal injury claims. This can help with local search, allowing your firm to appear on the search result pages for keywords specific to the location your firm has just expanded to.

Social Media

Update your firm’s social media accounts to reflect the new locations your firm is taking cases in. Try creating posts specific to your new areas. Join new groups within those locations that may be relevant cases for your area of law. As you actively incorporate the new cities or states that your firm is looking to increase cases in, you may find you that your firm’s pages are getting more likes or follows by people in those locations. These can lead to new clients and cases.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing, like TV ads, radio ads or billboards, may help your firm build some brand recognition within your new state or city. Your firm may want to consider running one or more of the traditional marketing where your firm is expanding to. Depending on your area of law, you may find one type of traditional marketing better than the other. For example, a personal injury firm may prefer billboards while Social Security lawyers may prefer radio ads to reach an older audience. No matter which forms you choose, make sure you track your leads to establish the effectiveness and quality of the ad.

Lead Generation

Another option for quickly increasing your caseload is through lead generation. At eGen, we allow you to select the specific geographic areas you’d like to receive leads in. With just a three-digit prefix zip code, we can narrow you leads down to whichever areas your firm would like. If your firm is not using a lead generation service, you can set up an account and take leads in both the new areas you’re taking cases in as well as your already established locations. If you are using a lead generation service, expand the areas you are taking cases in. For more information about our Social Security, personal injury, workers’ compensation or employment law leads, contact eGen today!

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