How To Get More Blog Subscribers

Submitted by Deanna on Thu, 05/16/2019 - 12:05

Blogging is a great way to grow your firm’s online presence. Not only is a blog an easy place to add unique content, but a blog also gives you the potential to sign up clients based on your own insights on a legal subject. The only issue here is you may not be able to get more clients unless you have subscribers to your blog. Here are some tips your firm may find beneficial for increasing your blog’s readership and signing up more clients.

Make It Easy To Subscribe

It’s not possible to grow your subscriber list without making it easy for claimants to join. Be sure that there’s a subscribe option at the bottom of every blog post at a bare minimum. You may find that having some kind of sidebar “subscribe” option or even a “Subscribe to Our Blog” button on the top of your website to be beneficial. A subscribe button should have high contrast and be large, especially if you’re working with disability applicants, who commonly have vision impairments.

Offer Whitepapers

A Whitepaper is an exhaustive guide on a subject of your expertise, designed to help explain a particular topic to readers and give them tools or tips on accomplishing a problem. A Whitepaper is typically downloadable online, not simply a published page of content on your blog. A great way to grow your subscriber list is by offering Whitepapers for blog subscribers. For example, creating a great article on how to apply for SSDI benefits could be a tempting resource for potential Social Security applicants.

Add Extras

What can you offer claimants if your firm works on a contingency-fee basis? Capitalize on the fact that most disability or personal injury claimants think that lawyers will be wildly expensive. If you offer a “Free Case Evaluation” for someone that subscribes to your blog, you may find that users are more willing to read your content if they believe they’re getting something in return. It doesn’t matter that you would have given someone a free case evaluation anyway—all that matters is they think they’re getting great service from your firm.

Focus On Top Performers

The fact of the matter is that about 80% of your blog subscribers will come from just 10% of your content. Pages like these are known as “evergreen” content—they’re still relevant and read often years after you initially publish them. When working on gaining more blog subscribers, evergreen content is a great place to start. You know you’ll receive a high amount of users from these pages, so always make sure that they’re kept up to date. All content, (especially evergreen), should have some kind of call to action to inspire readers to subscribe to your firm’s blog or simply fill out a free evaluation. You can even place images mid-text in evergreen content to try to tempt users to subscribe.

With more blog subscribers, you can build brand awareness for your law firm and become the go-to attorney in your city when someone needs legal assistance.