How to Get Ahead of the Competition

Submitted by rsg on Tue, 01/21/2020 - 13:16

Competition for leads and cases can be a crowded place, especially in saturated areas of law, like personal injury or Social Security disability. Because of this, means need to be taken to make sure your firm gets ahead of competing firms. Use the guidelines below to help stay one step ahead of your competition.

1. Find Your Firm’s Competitors:

Though you may already have an idea of the firms that are also competing for cases in your city or state, you should still do some research. You may find that your online competitors are different than your local competitors. See who you’re competing for keywords and ad space with. Once your competitors are identified, you can analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Identify Your Ideal Case:

Who is your ideal client? Are they a certain age? Did a particular type of accident happen? Figuring out who you want to target will help your firm establish marketing plans geared towards your target audience. You should also look at your past and current clients. Where did they come from? Were they a referral? Did they find your firm online? Or did they see a billboard for your firm and call in? Knowing which marketing efforts attract your clients can help you determine which campaigns are successful and which may need some further optimizations or are not worth pursuing.

3. Keep Up With Marketing Trends:

One of the best ways to stay ahead is to continue to research new marketing trends. Marketing is always evolving and if you don’t keep up, your current campaigns can become outdated and less effective. One easy way to make sure you’re always in the know is to subscribe to various marketing blogs, such as Ahrefs, Moz, or Search Engine Journal. The articles about new and emerging marketing trends will be delivered straight to your email.

4. Be Different:

What makes your firm stand out? Is it your success rate? Is it your experience? Find what separates you from other firms and use it to your advantage. Highlighting how your firm is different can help persuade potential clients to work with your firm over the competition.

5. Get Creative:

Try out different marketing approaches and campaigns, tracking results as you do so. Continually testing new ideas will help keep your marketing fresh and can help produce more cases and leads. If your firm continues to use the same marketing campaigns and methods, you may be missing out on potential leads that your current marketing doesn’t reach.

6. Update Your Firm:

Try giving your firm’s marketing materials a facelift. Updating your logo and website can help give your marketing materials a refresh. A new, more modern logo and site can help attract new leads. If you don’t have the time or resources for a full site makeover, try updating the colors, fonts and images to see if your conversions improve.

7. Try Lead Generation:

As you test new marketing campaigns or update your firm’s site, consider lead generation to help supplement leads. To help you get ahead of the competition, any lead we send to your firm is not sent to anyone else. We currently offer employment law, personal injury, Social Security disability, and workers’ compensation leads. Give us a call at (617) 800-0089 to learn more.