Choosing Your Firm’s Header Image

Submitted by rsg on Thu, 02/21/2019 - 15:46

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just updating your firm’s site, the header image is an important aspect of the website you’ll have to take into consideration. Your header image is often the first thing users will see when they go to your firm’s site. It can grab a potential claimant’s attention or make them lose interest. There are important elements you should consider when picking out a header image.


When choosing the image you’d like to use, always select an image that is landscape. This will allow the image to stretch across the whole site without distorting it. The subject of the image, such as you if you’re using a headshot, should be off to one side rather than center, allowing plenty of space for text. If you include text such as a tagline, leave enough space between it and your call to action or a “Contact Us” button. This will help visitors differentiate the call to action from other text you include on the header image.

Color Scheme

If you already have a color scheme established, then you should try to choose a header image that follows suit. For example, if you are planning to use white, dark grey and blue as your color scheme throughout the website and want to use a headshot as your header image, try to wear one article of clothing within that scheme. Maybe your tie or necklace could be the same shade of blue. If your firm specializes in auto accident personal injury cases and you want to use a picture of an auto accident, have one of the cars blue or the jacket of someone involved in the accident be blue. This will keep the image cohesive with the rest of the site.


When adding text to your header image, you want to be sure that it’s easy to read, especially if you are a Social Security disability attorney. If your background is light, use a dark font and vise versa. You can even add an overlay to your images. This can help increase the contrast between the header image’s background and the text by either lightening or darkening the overall image.

Image Subject

The subject of the image can have a major impact on the overall effectiveness of the header image. You’ll want to feature a person in the image. Take the example from earlier of using an auto accident in your header image. Not only would you want to show the accident, but also show at least one person who was involved. This will resonate more with potential claimants that visit your site than just an image of an auto accident.


If you choose to do a headshot but don’t want to use a plain background, try using a famous landmark or skyline of the city you work out of. This can help build a personal connection between a potential claimant and your firm. You can even make the header photo season specific. If you have a background image that depicts the summer but where you are it’s currently cold and snowy, it becomes less relatable to those visiting you firm’s site.

Your header image should help visitors better identify with your firm. Keeping these different aspects in mind, you’ll find the perfect header image to not only represent your firm, but to help sway visitors to contact you. Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so choose wisely!