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Today, May 3, 2018 is a big milestone. It’s the 16th anniversary of the 2002 hit film, Spider-Man, based on the beloved Marvel comic book character of the same name.

Not only is Spider-Man one of the world’s most celebrated superheroes, but he’s also a shining example of how to run a law firm. Here are some tips learned from the Spider-Man brand that could help your firm stand out among the competition.

Create Brand Awareness

Spider-Man is considered as one of the world’s most successful brands. One component of Spider-Man’s brand awareness is his costume design. Spider-Man’s eyes and spider logo are universally recognizable. Even when new comic book artists or Hollywood costume designers make alterations, his suit still maintains its classic feel and instant recognizability. An easily discernible logo coupled with a simple yet eye-catching color scheme can drastically improve both your practice’s visibility and memorability.

Spider-Man’s successes can also be attributed to his constant charity and goodwill. Across the realms of fiction and reality, Spider-Man and those who uphold his values, give back to their local community. Both the character of Spider-Man, as well as the several actors who have portrayed him, have donated their time by visiting children in hospitals and volunteering at food kitchens. By volunteering with local organizations relevant to your practice, you will build brand awareness as well as make valuable connections with potential claimants. Personal injury attorneys often sponsor cycling teams and many Social Security disability attorneys volunteer with nonprofits serving people with disabilities.

Be Accessible

You don’t need a “Spider-Sense” to know when claimants are in need of your help. You just need to make yourself accessible and have the right resources at your disposal, because there’s no point in cultivating brand awareness if nobody’s answering or following-up with claimants. For example, if you have a legal website you should ensure that your firm’s phone number is visible on every single webpage. Including a “Contact Us” form on most (if not all) pages is another way to make it easier for people to reach out and get help. Train your team to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible to increase your chances of signing clients.

With eGenerationMarketing’s complimentary live transfer option, you can swing into action as soon as someone needs your help. We connect your firm with claimants via phone as soon as they indicate that they’d like legal assistance. This dramatically increases your chances of speaking with a lead.

Specialize Your Practice

Spider-Man’s alter ego, Peter Parker, is the world’s foremost expert on spider webbing. His understanding of the tensile strength and adhesive properties of both organic and inorganic webbing make him a force to be reckoned with.

You can improve your practice by concentrating on one or two specific case types within your primary area of law. Examples include personal injury lawyers who focus largely on automobile accidents and premises liability or Social security disability attorneys who primarily take Compassionate Allowance claims. A good superhero focuses on his or her strengths, and so should you. By optimizing your online content to cater to your ideal claimants as opposed to general personal injury or Social Security claims, you’ll bring in high quality traffic that’s more relevant for your firm.

Lean On a Team

Even though Spidey is known to web-sling solo, he often relies on the assistance of other heroes. He has found himself on the roster of many well-known teams, including both the X-Men and the Avengers.

You too, can have a super-heroic team of your own with eGenerationMarketing. Just as Iron Man upgraded Spider-Man’s technology to aid him is the fight against crime, we can provide you with a valuable and profitable resource through legal lead generation. Our high quality, low-cost leads can make the process of acquiring new clients easier because you no longer need to toil over your own in-house marketing campaigns. We also offer eLuminate, a complementary lead management and document generation software, so that can better manage your caseload.

Remember, no friendly neighborhood attorney or advocate is ever alone in his or her battle for justice, so use all the help you can get to sign claimants and win cases! Contact us today to learn more about our services and remember, "with great power, comes great responsibility."

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