Did you know that eGenerationMarketing offers the option to receive your legal leads via live transfer completely free of charge? With live transfer, your new lead can opt into calling your firm directly after filling out their free evaluation form. So why should you choose to receive leads via live transfer? Receiving live-transfer leads save your firm time and may increase your chances of signing clients.

With live-transfer leads, your firm cuts down on the amount of time spent following up with leads.

No matter what, we recommend that you contact a lead as soon as possible. If you choose take on live-transfer leads, you will automatically be connected to a lead as soon as they’re interested in speaking with an attorney.

eGeneration's live-transfer lead option eliminates the need for a member of your intake staff to call a lead after it is received. Live-transfer calls will be directed to whatever phone number is best for you, whether it’s to an attorney’s cell or a member of your intake team. This way, your intake staff can immediately vet a lead and determine whether the case is pursuable.

You can have multiple phone numbers set up to take calls at different times of the day when you which to receive live-transfer leads. This is great if you have staff working different hours of the day and want to cover more hours. If you’re a solo practitioner, you can have calls sent to the office from 9-5, then to your cell phone after 5 if you so choose.

Finally, you choose exact hours to have live transfer activated at all! If you don’t want to receive any calls before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m., we can set that up for you.

Live-transfer leads increase your chances of signing clients

One problem everyone has with signing claimants is getting in contact with the claimant to begin with. You’ve surely been in a situation where a claimant emails your firm directly, asking for assistance, but when you call the claimant, you never hear back from him again. In fact, according to InsideSales, if you follow up with claimants within 5 minutes, you are 9x more likely to get in contact with them at all!

With our live-transfer option, you are guaranteed contact with every claimant who opts-into the phone call immediately after they fill out one of eGen’s free evaluation forms. Around 35% of claimants choose to be connected to firms via live transfer. If you were to take around 100 leads per month, you should speak to at least 30 claimants immediately!

With live-transfer leads, you’re connected with a claimant the moment he or she asks for help

All of our leads are sent to firms in real time. One of the benefits of real-time leads is the fact that the moment you receive your lead, you know someone is looking for legal help.

Live-transfer leads take this one step further. Live transfer connects you with claimants immediately, letting you discuss all the benefits of using legal help the moment they decide they might need it. This makes it much less likely for leads to later believe they can “do it alone” and apply for Social Security benefits or file an insurance claim after a personal injury without legal help.

Additionally, having a claimant immediately put in contact with your firm lessens the chance of him reaching out to an additional firm. While leads from eGeneration will never be sent to another firm, we cannot guarantee that a claimant won’t fill out free evaluations on other websites. The faster you contact your leads, the better your chances of signing claimants.

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